Save your last breath for me

Thamer POV

I saw Stark and Cony tried to follow Lucian but I and Victor helped each other to blocked them. Marie, Victor's wife, made chants with her bewitching voice until all of us fell sleepy like we are dancing on cloud nine. 

"I'm not allowed to do this but I had to even I will lose all my energy!" Marie told us and Victor feels worried about her. 

He came closer to stop her but her energy is very strong. I saw her hair turned to grey and her body became weak but she's overcoming it to slow down the enemies. Diana and Martha saw what Marie was performing so because Diana knew what she's capable of which running on her blood, they both went closer to support her by combining their three forces of witchy power. 

"For the love of humanity and country, all of you, we ordered everyone to lay on the ground and let your eyes close and body rest! Ipsum urraculum sleepilus. Amen!" They all did the same chants and I was worried about my wife about h

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