Titania: The Werewolves' Hero
Titania: The Werewolves' Hero
Author: Erza18

Chapter 1: The Day of Transformation

Titania and Travis circled each other, each one waiting and anticipating who would attack first.

They were grinning at the tension they had created in the area. Suddenly, Titania leaped forward with a balled fist, charging to Travis.

But Travis used his super sense of sight to see her incoming movement. He successfully dodged her attack.

"Too slow Baby Girl," Travis said as he clicked his tongue and shook his head.

Titania shot him a cold glare as she continued her advances, throwing two and three punches aiming at his face and body.

Seeing Titania's annoyed expression as she could not land any punch against him, a smug smile appeared on his face.

"Baby girl, is that all you've got?" Travis could not help himself but chuckle.

"Shut up. Don't call me Baby Girl!" Titania shouted in annoyance.

"You are just dodging my attack. Fight back, you, Moron!" Titania challenged him.

Travis's expression changed immediately when he heard her calling him 'Moron.'

'Good, now he looks serious.' Titania thought to herself as she smiled mischievously.

She was successful in provoking him as she noticed that Travis's brows knitted in a frown.

In a flash, he grabbed her arm and twisted as she swung.  She recoiled in pain but got over it. Travis did not apply more force.

She prepared to strike again, throwing a hard kick toward his stomach.

However, before her kick could land into his body, he caught her leg and pulled her down onto the ground.

Titania fell on the ground with a loud thud. She winced from that impact. Travis finished it and she lost again.

He offered her a hand to help her up and she gladly accepted it.

"Baby girl, how dare you call your brother a Moron?" Travis complained to her as he raised his right brow.

Titania let out a soft chuckle as she started brushing the dirt off her body and clothes.

"It was your fault. You are not serious when fighting me. I have to provoke you. And you keep calling me Baby girl. I am not a baby anymore."

Travis laughed at her remarks as he pinched her cute lovely cheeks.

"Yeah you are right, 14 hours from now you will become a full-grown lady. It's your 18th Birthday! But you will always be my baby girl." Tenderness reflected in his eyes.

Titania's expression changed and Travis noticed it.

"What’s wrong?"

"Brother, I am excited and nervous at the same time. I think something is wrong with me. Until now I haven’t developed my super senses yet" Titania sighed in frustration.

"My dear sister, you have to understand that activating our powers varied in every werewolf," Travis explained to her as he tried to cheer her up.

"I am sure that your power will be activated once you shift into a werewolf form. Be patient, sister. There are only 14 hours left before you transform." Travis assured her.

She smiled at her brother. He was right and she believed him.

"I want to become a stronger werewolf, just like you, just like Mom and Dad."

"Yeah... you can do that. After all, you are a daughter of the strongest werewolves in our pack." He sounded certain.

"Brother... do you have news about him?" Titania asked him out of the blue.

He knew she was referring to Dylan. He was Travis's best friend. The last time they saw him was seven years ago, the night his parents were killed by hunters.

That day was also the day Titania’s pack, White Claw Pack, and Dylan’s pack, Lock Heart Pack formed an alliance. Dylan’s parents who were the Leaders of Lock Heart Pack decided to join White Claw Pack in their Pack Village, evacuating all the members of Lock Heart Pack because of the on-going war between werewolves and hunters.

Unfortunately, on the same night, when Titania’s pack and Dylan’s pack joined forces together, hunters came to attack the members of Lock Heart Pack while they were on the way to White Claw Pack Village. Dylan’s parents were some of the werewolves who were killed by hunters that night.

After accompanying Titania back to their pack, he left without saying a word. Witnessing his parents get killed was a huge blow to him.

When they discovered that he was missing, they tried to look and search for him but they failed. Dylan erased his trace.

"Don't worry Titania, I know we will be able to see him again. He is a strong werewolf. I believe he is living well." Travis said to console his sister.

"Cheer up Baby girl. Trust your brother. I did not stop looking for him. I will tell you immediately if I have good news about Dylan." Titania just nodded at him.

"Go and prepare yourself for your birthday. My baby girl is about to transform into her werewolf form. I am so excited to see your fur."

At last, Titania smiled cheerfully at Travis. Talking with her brother helped her to lighten her mood. Her worries disappeared.

'After this day, I will finally transform into a wolf. I will have my power and become stronger like my brother. And I will be able to protect our kind.'


High in the night sky, the silver moon, which at the full, shone brightly giving light on the land beneath it.

Tonight was a joyous occasion for the White Claw Pack. They were waiting for midnight to come and celebrate the 18th birthday of the daughter of their Pack leaders, Titania Eros.

There was a large bonfire in the center surrounded by pack members who were singing and dancing in a circle.

They also prepared a small banquet, where they could also eat and drink at their hearts' content. Everything was prepared.

The celebrant was wearing her white dress. She looked like a fairy, stunningly beautiful, with skin as pale as milk, petite and slender build, her gold-brown curly hair matched with her soft brown eyes.

"Baby girl are you ready?" Travis whispered to her.

"Yes, but still a little bit scared and nervous. How did it feel when you first transformed?" Titania asked him.

"The process was quite painful at first but you can get over it. Just think of your heart's desire and you will eventually forget the pain," he said as he gave her advice.

"Don't worry, we will be there. We will watch over you during the whole process." Travis assured her.

Midnight fell, luminous stars scattered in the heavens accompanied by the radiance of a bright full moon. The time had come.

Some werewolves already transformed with their heads upturned, singing at the night sky as they howled and growled, communicating with each other.

Some elder werewolves, the pack leaders, together with Titania were now all gathered in the hills. They made a circle on the ground.

This was a common ritual when one would undergo his or her first metamorphoses into wolf form most especially on a night when the moon is full.

The elder gave her a go signal to start the ritual. Titania was at the center of the circle, kneeling as she closed her eyes.

She started to mumble her prayers to the Great Spirit of the Wolves to confer on her the property of metamorphosing, into a werewolf.

"Oh, spirit, so powerful! please hear me. From the home of the werewolves, the home of our dead ancestors."

"Come, give me your blessing! Come, lend me your power! Great spirit I call on you. I declare my body and soul shall be yours."

She then made the following formal declaration:

"I Titania Eros, offer to you, Great Spirit of Wolves, this night of my 18th birthday, my body and soul."

"I beg... I pray... I implore you, to make me a werewolf, a werewolf"!


An hour had passed but nothing happened. Titania's leg became numb from kneeling for an hour.

She knew something was not right. She opened her eyes to see the gloomy expressions of the pack members who surrounded her.

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