The Neighbor
The Neighbor
Author: thunderscorpion619
Chapter 1


Hi guys! If you are reading this, thank you so freaking much! This is my first novel/book on Wattpad, so I obviously have no experience whatsoever bahaha. I hope ya'll will enjoy the book and btw the chapters will get longer, and hopefully less cringier :)

Sahana P.O.V

It was evening time, and I just came out of work ready to sleep for 10 years, and that's just an understatement. I am the CEO of S.K. Beauty, my own business directed towards audiences that strive towards releasing their natural beauty and gaining confidence, all at the shocking age of 23.

I started my business while I was in college, and I am extremely proud of what I created and so thankful that it is now very successful. We had many partnerships with celebrities, had three award-winning skincare products, and two award-winning hair care products. All my hard work paid off. But this is just the beginning for me.

I opened the door to my apartment and was immediately greeted by my adorable dog Monty, "Monty, stop!" I said while laughing as he was jumping up and down, his tail wagging and tongue sticking out.

I found Monty on the streets about two years ago.

He looked miserable and pencil-thin when I first saw him.

When my eyes met with him, I couldn't imagine all the pain and suffering he went through, just as a tiny pup.

I was on the verge of tears, but before they could come out, I without any thought, took him. I couldn't just leave him like that. And with my big love for dogs, I just took him with me.

No thought, no questions.

He needed someone to take care of him and I was the person to take that role. Thank god my apartment building allowed pets, or else I wouldn't have been able to bring this big fluffy bundle of sunshine into my life.

My apartment, on the other hand, was average-sized, nothing special about it. I could get a better and bigger one with the money I have, but what's the point?

To brag?

To primarily show that I am better than other people?

Pfft bitch, please. I ain't got time for that.

And besides, I love my apartment so much, it's the perfect amount of living space for Monty and I, with an amazing view of the streets in the beautiful New York City. What's better than that?

After playing with Monty for a little bit, I headed to the kitchen to make some dinner, as well as give Monty his. When it comes to cooking, I don't mean to sound like an egotistic bitch, but I am fucking amazing. Once you taste my food, you will have a whole new outlook on life, I am not exaggerating. I mean I'm Indian, how can I NOT know how to cook?

I was sweating obviously, but that didn't stop me from filling up my growling stomach.




I cooked up some delightful rice and paneer, and once I was done eating up my fill, aka being officially 6 months pregnant with a food baby (Yes, I am a fat ass, and I am proud), I started getting ready for bed.

"Aghhhhh, I can't get uppp." I whined, slumped on my chair. As slow as can be, I got up and walked to my bathroom. I took a shower, brushed my toothers, and right as my face hit my fluffy, cotton-covered pillow, I knocked right the fuck out.

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