Ceremonial Rites
Ceremonial Rites
Author: Alvin Lyons


"The President of the United States has withdrawn his troops out of the Gulf of Mexico after the dispute that happened between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Military forces of Mexico last monday, April 30. The FBI was allegedly in surveillance to this drug cartel that's behind the rampant drug problem. In addition to this, the Mexican government also accused the military forces of US in supplying informations to the FBI."

"In the light of the recent events, the government especially the president himself assured both the American and Mexican people that everything has been in discussion with Mexican government solving this misunderstanding."

"The purpose of the withdrawal of the fleet out of gulf of Mexico was to establish a peaceful approach towards the minor incident that happened. Mexico on the other has tightened its borders and doubled the verification processes to all Americans entering the country."

"The entire mayhem led to one question though, what's the government's next move?"

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