Twenty Two - Guarding the Dogs

White House, Washington DC

"Who are you?" The president asked the four new faces he encountered outside the oval office. 

If the secret service have decided to rotate personnel, they may have the decency to inform the very person they are intended to protect. At least that's what the president had in mind. Changes in security details overnight can be implied that this occurence was caused by deeper power.

"We are your new security details, Mr. President. I'm Marco and I will be your personal bodyguard from now on." 

"What about my former security details?" The president is still skeptical to this sudden changes.

"They were reassigned, sir." Marco responded carefully.

With last single overall lookover, the president instructed them to stay outside the office because there will be a close door discussion with his chief of staff. Some white house personnel were a bit curious to the new faces inside the building. There were rumors spreading about a possible assassination hence the replacements of security details.

Diego was redirected to guard the stairs leading to the residence. Viktor is not taking chances. If by any chance the president will jump to the other side, that will spark a catastrophic event for their fight against the Drax family. The beast may be weakened by the incessant hostility of the other councils but that doesn't mean they are weak enough to stand their ground. 

Senator Clint Rivas arrived at the building. Viktor's only mistake was not informing the four moles about the pawns of their enemy. That includes the powerful man in front of Marco who's insisting to see the president.

"As I've said, senator. The president was clear with his command. He is not to receive anyone until lunchtime." Marco defended.

"This is a matter of national security and if you don't move your ass out of that door, I'm gonna make sure this will be the last time you will be working for the president." Rivas countered. He needs to talk to the president and convince him to switch sides.

"You can threaten me all you want but I'm not letting you through this door." 

The senator had no choice but to make an obvious disappointed expression and left the area, leaving a solid threat to the man denying his entry. Marco dropped a weird look to Derrick who is standing near the window. He's been watching the entire scenario with awe. It was their first time to see a high rank official spitting venom towards them.

"That wasn't cool." Derrick snickered.

"God, I'm already hating this job." Marco rolled his eyes and sat near an office table.

"Senator went out with category six cyclone. What did you do, dude?" Newland radioed from the building entrance. There was a bit giggle at end suppressing a laugh.

"He just Gandalf Senator Rivas, you shall not pass." Derrick responded mimicking the legendary Gandalf the grey of Lord of the Rings.

The others tried to laugh subtly or people might mistaken them for losing their mind on their first day. Their good times subsided the moment Viktor shot a disapproving look towards Derrick who will first receive him in the corridor. He quickly warned Marco.

"Enjoying your first day, captain?" Viktor said with a bit judgment in his tone.

"Mr. Samira, good morning." Marco looked at the secretary. "Is Mr. Samira on the morning list?"

"Don't play with me boy. Step aside." 

Marco cocked his head on the side and smiled at the amused gentleman in front of him. He opened the door surprising the joint chief of staff inside the room. There were confusion through all the personnel but they chose not to pry. The president immediately dismissed them and motion Viktor to take a seat.

"Lord Viktor. What a surprise? What can I do for you?" The president instantly accommodated one of his principal sponsors in his candidacy.

"I came to warn you, Michael." Viktor crossed his legs.

"About what?"

"Our enemies are growing desperate to stay in power. Rivas is one of them." Viktor stated calmly.

"Senator Clint Rivas? Son of a bitch! He's the one who's been pushing the Mexico and Brazil missions pinning down the Alderige. It's beginning to make sense now." With shock and disbelief, Michael slowly took the seat across the fine lord.

"Now that you're updated, those men I posted outside are ours for your own protection. This place is crawling with Alexander's parasites." 

Just a mere mention of the notorious head of Hiatus underground society triggered Michael his own anxiety. He heard stories. Very disturbing stories about the famous extra curricular activities of that certain family. 

"Don't be scared. You are indeed one of the most powerful man on earth." Viktor chuckled infuriating the man across him.

"Am I?" Michael countered.

"Just keep your feet on the ground and do as you're told. You don't want us to be on the other side." 

"I'm grateful for all of your support during my candidacy but I don't appreciate people threatening me in my own house. You need to be careful in your next words, Lord Samira." Michael fired back in rage. They may have all the control over the entire government but he is the president and they need to remember that. 

But Viktor Samira needs no reminder on who he is dealing with. A dog snapping at the hand who harshly pulled the leash. Slowly, the surreal power handed to Michael is getting in his head. 

"It wasn't a threat, Michael. It was a reminder. You do remember your purpose, don't you?" Viktor spit his venom.

"I do remember. Who would forget when every minute of my time inside this God forsaken building you guys remind me!" 

"Good. Now freeze the assets of the Drax family." 

Michael jolted out of the couch and walked back and forth contemplating what he just heard. The government is capable of doing such actions but attacking Alexander will be a declaration of war. He had no choice left this time. A no will be an implication of insubordination and a yes makes him an instrument to spark a war between clans.

"Is this lady Clement's idea? This is madness. I can't just do that. We don't have grounds to file that." 

"Who says it's Thalia's? Its the Astors, Hawthornes and Constantine. Do you want to explain personally to them why this cannot be done?" Viktor mocked.

"How dare you put this on my shoulders! What if the Drax finds out about this?" 

"Oh, they will find out about this when they will be handed with the court order." Viktor smirked.



"Tómaló con calma, papa!" Hector blocked his father from throwing everything inside his office.

"Calma? We are going down, Hector! Rivas can't even get a close door meeting with the president and you want me con calma?" 

"We need to do this step by step. Our legal team settled our tax evasion case. We are still floating. Our ship may have a hole but we are still floating. Samira is still on our side." Hector tried to refresh everything with a little good news but it was futile.

"How are we suppose to keep everything in order?" 

Hector took a seat in front of his father and heaved a deep breath. He's been having this thought for a very long time. It's the only solution left for them. If they try to fix their big ship, it will cost them a lot. They need to be practical this time. This is a war that will be their demise.

"You need to step down." He calmly stated.

Alexander was taken back to the reality. He's been ignoring that option and now it's the only thing left for him to pick. His pride won't allow it.


"Selena Astor has called for an emergency council meeting, papa. You know what that means. They're going to vote for the next Prime leader. We don't have the number. It will be humiliating for us to be overthrown in our own courtyard. Hiatus clan will always be ours but we need to hand back the High Order." Hector explained.

Reality started digging in to Alexander. His father had fought hard to be inside the High Order and now they are taking it away. By the time they will step down  from power, they won't have a seat in the council. They will no longer be part of the powerful circle.

"You know what will happen, mijo. We won't have a seat in the council if we let everything go." Alexander said. This time his tone has full of control.

"Catherine is already a Samira. Her children will have our blood, papa. We can still rule through her affiliation."

"How can we let go with everything we fought to have?" Alexander stated in disbelief.

"We don't have to win this battle. We just need to survive to see how it ends."

The great Drax bloodline who betrayed their long time superiors, the Clement clan, to take its place has now been brought to their knees. With everything in their power, they faced the odds. The crown, when wore, they say it stays there. This time, it does not.

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