Sao Paulo, Brazil, 09:00

Passengers started going out of the terminal. Three familiar men who literally look like tourists walked out like it's their first time arriving to the country. Maybe it is their first time. I faked a wide smile and cheerfully approached them. I suppressed a laugh seeing them all wearing Hawaiian shirts. Seriously? How original.

"Welcome to Brazil, Amigos!" They were completely weird out by my warm welcome. Who wouldn't be? We don't even know each other that much.

"Your friends, señor?" Jose clarified beside me. 

"Si. Take their luggage, por favor?" 

With the help of two personnel, Jose took all of their luggage and put them in the car. I waved at them to join me. I completely forgot each of their names.

"What's your name?" I whispered to the one who's wearing a Ray Ban and a brown shorts.

"Derrick, sir." He whispered back.

I pointed the other two to whisper their names. Jose might start to wonder why I don't even know my friends' names. How can I be so stupid!

"Marco." The medium built guy said. I think he is the captain.

"Newland." The tallest of us added. NBA will not reject him if he joins them. If he has the necessary skills.

"I believed you all know our play?" 

They all nodded in unison. Good. I don't want to compromise this. I can save myself if all else fail but having another liabilities will surely be hard to get away. We all settled to a land rover. It's a bit low key and reinforced.

For friends who knew each other from college, we are bit quiet and spaced out. I don't know if it's funny or scary. I pretended to slap the back of the sunglasses guy. If my memory serves me right, he is Derrick.

"So how was the flight, guys?" I gave them the knowing look to play with me. We can't be friends and act like we don't know about each other. Yao Ming faked a laugh.

"It was great! A bit bumpy but tolerable." He chirped. I nodded like I was thrilled.

"So what's the best place you can recommend to us, Alderige?" Derrick asked. Why do they sound like we are bestfriends?

"You're so rude, Vincent! You didn't even introduce us to your colleagues here!" The Marco guy chipped in pointing Diego, my acting assistant and Jose, who is currently our driver. 

"Oh, sorry. This is Diego my assistant. Our chauffeur is Jose, my most trusted ally here." 

"Nice to meet you, Diego. Is he giving you a hard time?" Marco asked. I almost choked on his question. Diego hesitantly took his hand.

"He's been nice." Diego muttered. A safe answer.

Then they all shook hands pretending to introduce themselves including Jose. They really should try out Hollywood. 

"So how long have you known each other?" Diego suddenly became interested. I kicked his seat. He's on shotgun.

"I completely forgot where we started our friendship, really." Derrick started sounding like a legit British. 

"Yep. I think freshman year? The park?" Newland a.k.a Yao Ming laughed.

"Yes! That's it!" Marco agreed. 

I am having a hard time connecting to this plot.

"Alderige can't even remember it. He was the obnoxious privilege kid back then." Newland mocked. Wow. What a story.

"I can't remember." I dismissed them. 

They were looking victorious the entire trip until Jose announced our arrival at the Villa who is own by Don Juan. I signaled them using my eyebrow that the man at the front porch is Don Juan, our target. 

A few housemaids carried our things when we got out from the car. Don Juan appeared to be so glad to see us arriving. With wide arms, he received me. I tapped his back and smiled.

"Buenas dias, Vincent!" He happily greeted after our faked hug.

"Hola, Don Juan!" 

"Welcome to mi casa!" 

He led the way to a vast receiving area. A typical villa. 

"Mi amigos!" Then I introduced all of them including Jose. They shook hands with Don Juan.

For some reason, Jose didn't bother to stay for a meal. It was to our advantage so he can start his job. We're settled at a twelve seater dining and we are being serve with Brazillian cuisines. Before we could picked our spoons, Don Juan's most trusted person, Alejandro Vasquez arrived with an urgent call forcing Don Juan to momentarily leave the table. 

Diego was about to eat when I saw it. I quickly slapped his hand off. This kid is stupid. What if we are being poisoned right now?

"Don't be stupid." I hissed. 

I have a slice of meat and feed a spoonful of food from my plate to a service dog behind Don Juan's chair. The dog cheerfully chew on and stand back to his post. I waited for a moment but nothing happened, so Don Juan still needs us alive. For now.

"Bon appetit?" I started eating.

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