Sao Paulo, Brazil


The problem with me is that I'd rather be the one late than be the one waiting. Waiting is another form of suffering. My second batch of juice arrived while the waiter gave me a weird look. I've been sitting here in the west wing where the swimming pool is located forever. This is a better place to discuss something compared to the indoor restaurant full of snakes of Don Juan. I can tell from their eagle eyes. Don Juan failed to hire quality men. They're making their surveillance very obvious. Imbecile!

I shot a disappointed and faked smile to the four tourists who are walking confidently towards me. They have the guts to walk like they didn't let me wait for almost an hour. I'm making sure I'll give them a quality remarks when I talk to the general. They even waved and saluted at me.

"How's the shopping?" Derrick

"It was awesome!" I replied in full sarcasm and they all snorted.

There are four remaining seats on my table which they all occupied. Marco, of all people was wearing a neon pink. Others have to settle for Hawaiian like what the fuck?

"Is there any color brighter than that? The entire fleet can see you from the Gulf of Mexico." I told Marco.

"Told you, dude." Yao Ming seconded.

He just raised me the finger and put his camera on the table. He moved his right eyebrow telling me to check the captures for myself. Don Juan's talking to a foreign looking guy. Bearded foreign looking man to be exact. His nationality will range to Pakistani or somewhere in middle east, if I'm not mistaken. He also looks like from the west. 

I pointed the man in front of Don Juan.

"Did you run an I.D. on him?" 

Derrick took his iPad. He scroll through some files then gave it to me. Samir El Adha, top ten most wanted. Gun smuggling is his specialization and sold weapons to rebels throughout Asia and middle east. Russian government has put a price on him for spareheading an assassination attempt on one of their government leaders. Five million dollars.

"That's a lot. We're going to be rich, boys." I chirped.

"We, excluding you 'cause you already are." Then Marco rolled his eyes.

"Right. I forgot." 

I continue scrolling Samir's profile but his dealings with Don Juan is still not included. 

"What else did you find out?"

Newland took a glimpsed behind him if anyone is around before he spoke.

"Our intel said that Don Juan will export another batch of the weaponized samples. Fifty boxes. Poblacion port, 23:00." 

"Fifty boxes? Shit." 

I clenched my jaw, controlling my anger. Fifty boxes are a lot. One vial can take out an entire ship, depending on its size. 

"This dinner is a distraction." Diego suddenly chipped in. I couldn't agree more.

"And if we refuse, that will make us suspicious." I added.

We sighed in unison, stared at each other, channeling our ideas like we can converse telepathically. I remember my contact with another drug cartel. Don Roberto. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Indeed.

I left them and took my phone out. Dialled a certain phone number. We will play this out. If Don Juan wants us in his sight while his shipment is going on then so be it. It took it five rings before my call was accepted.


"I need you to do something."


Villa el Grande


We all exchanged glances and faked our smiles as we strode down the path to the front porch. Two housemaids greeted us from the entrance. They led us to where Don Juan is currently located. Another two men standing stiffly behind Don Juan who is currently sitting on a ten seater table. It will be a garden dinner. How romantic.

Don Juan quickly shifted his mood and greeted us lively. He hugged me for a second. The fuck. My colleagues greeted him back and we all took our seats.

"So how's Brazil so far?" He asked in no one in particular.

I'm seated on the first chair on Don Juan's right side while beside me is my supposed assistant, Diego. In front of us were Yao Ming/Newland, Marco and Derrick. Newland was the one who managed to smile.

"It was fun. The people are very accommodating especially at the market." Newland

"The food is also very delicious. We tried Brazilian style pizza and it's more epic here." Marco added the hype. Sounding really like an Oxford fella.

Don Juan seemed to like what he is hearing and a little bit convinced by our act. He nodded at them. Also suggested a few things to try for them. Some extreme adventures, whatever that is. But they tried to be sad since we will be travelling to Rio de Janeiro, that's why we need to fix Sao Paulo.

"By the way, Señor Vincent, I was informed you were at the town this afternoon with Jose and your, assistant." Don Juan suddenly asked.

Damn that Javier!

"I just need to buy some stuff. Jose was just trying to show me this place. It was said to be the best in town, I don't know if it is since everyone is claiming they are indeed the best. But the food was nice. I'm gonna bring them next time." While glancing at the three confused gentlemen in front of me. 

Before Don Juan could reply, Alejandro, his loyal right hand rushed to the table. Don Juan immediately reprimanded his actions and he apologizes instantly, in which we waved it off. He whispered something terrible to Don Juan judging from his frown after he finished. Bingo. Don Juan jolted out of his chair without even saying anything to us. How rude.

We can clearly see the frustrated look on him while he is shouting profanities to the phone. He paced back and forth. The four gentlemen looked at me. I gave them an innocent smile.

"Viola! Bon appetit?"

No one will tell a secret because nobody knows them. That applies right now, it just needs to appear that his rival is already catching up and Don Juan will be threatened for the race. 

G.I Joes continued eating in curiousity. They're quite lucky I didn't drag them into this. No one actually was dragged into this except for Don Juan who is about to lose fifty boxes of ThioA Alpha and ThioA B samples costing up to fifty million dollars. How unfortunate.

He got back to our table apologizing that he needs to attend some business. I bet he is. There's nothing we can do but to tell him it's fine. It's really fine. We get to enjoy a nice dinner without him. Isn't it wonderful?

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