Author: VioletNube
Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Underground Battle

My father just cut all of my expenses and threatened me to study in a damn public school. I don't even know if that's accurate. It's my first time being threatened by my dad, he's always being nice to me but maybe now, no.

He maybe knows what I'm doing for the past 2 years, Oh, no. That's not good if he knows whats that.

I'm sitting at the Fabio Leather Sofa in my room. I get my Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 on my side and press my friend's name for a call.

After a minute of waiting, sinagot niya rin ito. Ano bang ginagawa niya bat ang tagal maka sagot.


"Rhezian, what are you doing?"

I heard a small scratch on the other line.

"Ahm, Nothing, just you know...nakahiga lang sa kama. Why?"

I smiled hindi binili ang pag sisinungaling niya. She's not a good liar. She need to practice more.

"Hmm, let's go dinner, May ik-kwento ako."

"Blair, any hint?"

Pag dating talaga sa ganyang usapan ang active niya.

"It's about my father..."

Hindi siya naka imik saglit.

"Ohh-kay...Did he know?"

I rolled my eyes, hindi kami matatapos nito kaya nga over dinner nalang Diba.

"Dinner tonight, 7 o'clock. I'll text you the address."

"Okay. Bye."

I heard a loud knock outside my door. Tumayo ako at pumunta sa kama and I shouted that it's open.

I saw my father with his poker face. He raised his one brow to me when he saw me looking at him intently.

"Solace, we need to talk." My father's aura is always dark but his sweet when I was a baby...

I rolled my eyes and watch my painted nails.

"Talk about what?"

Umupo siya sa kama but we have a good space. Hindi ko siya tinignan.

"About your doing. Underground battle. Really, Solace? You join to that battle to make money just because I cut all you card?" He patiently sighed. Angry voice it is.

Now, I look to his angry eyes.

"Yes, father your investigator is right, I can't by things with that money you gave to me, 10k? Really dad? What would you expect me to do to that 10k?"I harshly said to him. Mapipigtas na ngayon ang pasensya niya.

It's not my fault that I grow up like this. This is their fault, they spoiled me.

"Even if you know how to fight, don't join to that Underground battle again just to make money, Solace." He shouted me. Nakatayo na siya ngayon.

"Why? Would you un-froze my bank account if I will not go to that Underground battle?" I challenged him with one brows up.

Umawang ang bibig niya. He didn't know this coming. Sorry dad but I'm wise, I know you wouldn't un-froze my bank account.

"No, right?" Natatawa kong Sabi ng hindi siya magsalita."So, dad. If you wouldn't un-froze my account, I will just go to that Underground battle again to make money. Oh, right?" I said with a hint of amusement.

I saw him shake his head. May sasabihin pa sana siya pero hindi niya itinuloy.

"Get up and eat your brunch." He said and go out to my room.

"I'm full dad." I shouted

I didn't hear a respond but I'm sure he hears me.

Humiga nalang ako sa kama. I will never stop fighting at that underground battle. It's money.

I remember the first day I went to the underground battle and match with a gangster. They are five members and they are hot as hell.

My opponent named Keane.If I wasn't mistaken. His jolly and his mind is full of humor. I can't stand with his shit.

"She's a lady, I will not fight a lady." I heard he said that and I saw hesitation on his face.

Someone caught my attention the guy wearing a black t-shirt inside his black leather jacket and black pants with his black Timberland boots. He is looking at me while talking to his friend named Keane.

I can't stand his looks that's why I do my stretching. I look at them again and the guy named Keane is ready. The guy with all black attire smirk at me and I smirk back, now he looked at me amuse.

Keane is now half naked and I can fully see his body, I'm not really a fan of abs, not really. This gangster has packs of abs like an athletic. My height to him is not really malayo.

I wonder what the all black attire said to him. I bet they talked about me being easy to defeat.

The referee, not really a referee went to him and talk I saw him nodded his head and now the referee is walking towards me.

"Are you ready?"

I nodded.

I'm wearing my black Solid crop top sleeveless one shoulder halter tank tops and a black short. Actually I'm wearing a blue jeans pero hinubad ko yun dahil hindi ko masydong maisipa ang paa ko kung suot ko yun.

"We have no rules."

I nodded again.

I referee with a beards nodded.

"Get to know your match." He said and look at the guy who's now in the center. Tumingin na rin ako doon.

Naglakad na ako patungo doon and I heard I crowed get wild. Nasa harapan na ako ng lalaki and now his smiling.

"Hi." I said with a bit of sarcasm

He smirked. "You're beautiful, your face will get ruin."

I smiled. "Stop that pity voice of yours. Hmm."

"I'm Keane."

I nodded. He handed me his hand for shake hands. I smirked and get his hand and look at his eyes and smiled. Humigpit ang hawak ko sa kanyang kamay, Umikot ako at mabilis siyang binalibag.

"I'm Blair."

Nagsisigawan ang mga tao sa loob and I saw the all black man looking at me with glee. Inilipat ko ang tingin kay keane na nakatayo napala. He didn't expect my sudden attack.

"That was rude." He said while shaking his head.

The referee said that it's time.

"You know, I really don't know what my sin, it's disrespectful to fight a beautiful lady." He said his voice was full of unfeigned.

"Yeah I know but I need money."

"You will fight to this crazy battle for a money? God, you're maybe good."

I shrugged.

"Show no mercy Keane!" I heard someone at the Crowed shouted.

Natawa si keane and now I'm being serious his good at this because I know his trained, I am trained also but it's my first time to this UB.

"I'll attack first."

He had this pity on his voice, damn so confident.

"Go on." I challenged and he smirk.

His on position while me, nothing, I do nothing, just waiting for his attack.

He attacked me with his left hand and I expertly shoot my arm up like combing my hair up just above my chin, I tuck my chin down because I know his going to attack my chin to trigger my brain for me to collapse, that's not going to happen, Keane.

I slip back while his strong hands attack me, my arm is protecting my chin, I leaned backwards and shift my weight this is going to reduce his power. Now I'm looking at the little triangle in my shoulder at Keane here. I'm actually winding up my right hand, I'm turn back as he punches and then I turn counter with a cross and punch his arm right into his chin.

The crowd went wild because of that. Keane is now holding his arm while massaging it. I punch my hand to the air.

"Keane, you're going to be the loser!" I heard one of his friend shouted while laughing while the guy with all black attire just seriously watching us but when he caught me looking at him he raised his brow. Iniwas ko nalang ang tingin ko.

Keane just tssked.

He watched me seriously. Fast, He grab my throat and choke me, I'm now watching his eyes with so much danger and anger.

Panicking is not the best solution for this instead. I immediately grabbed his right hand comes over at the crook of the elbow left hand support and then I snap down his hand whose holding my neck and step back at the same time.

He freely my neck. I inhaled hard. He then attacked me with his left feet. My waist was now on a so much pain. I bowed because the pain on my waist, he stoped attacking me and grip my one shoulder crop top.

Even if I'm in pain I expertly hold his hand who's holding my t-shirt, I forcefully attack his private part. He free me again. His now saying curse word and now holding his private area.


While his busy holding his private area, I expertly went to his back and grip his head. He caught my hands but I'm strong me. I successfully twist it. And he collapsed.

The crowd went wild again saying curses because they fail. I'm sorry guys. I went back to the chair where I put my things. I get the money they paid and went out to the tunnel but someone is following me, so I stop walking. I'm holding my jeans and phone and pouch where my money...

I face the man who's following me and I'm not expecting the punch he throwed to me.

"Shit! What's wrong with you, asshole!" I shouted while holding my stomach, that punch was strong.

"It's because you are a woman! Keane should bring you to death! Bitch! Keane should be the winner." He shouted.

I nodded with a smile. This man with his 20s is angry at me because I win, maybe his bet is gold that's why his angry.

I'm still holding my stomach when his hand raise again for a punch to my face but it didn't come because someone at his back was holding his raised hand. I just watch them with full of amusement. This is quite a show.

It's the guy with the all black attire with his friends, I saw Keane, his now awake. He smiled to me.

"You should challenge that girl at the Underground battle, not here."The man with the all black attire said, his voice is so cold and deep. It had this dangerous tone.

His looking at me intently, His challenging me looking at him but not gonna happen, I turn my gaze away and start walking. I waved my hand while walking towards the exit.

"You will not gonna win next time bitch!" I heard the man shouting and then a loud "Argh."

The all black man was not so sweet, He just punch the man to stay quiet, I think.

Nasa parking lot na ako. I open my purple Lamborghini Veneno. Mabilis kong pinaandar ito at umalis sa lugar.

Nasa harapan ako ng bahay inayos ko muna ang sarili ko at isinuot ang jeans, Ang namamaga kong waist ang kita dahil sa croptop ko, mabuti nalang at may cardigan akong dala.

My father was not nice when it comes to my behavior, I know that his investigator is making him crazy, money will work on everything. I can't stand without money.

Kinuha ko ang phone ko na nasa aking gilid and it's Rhezian.

"Let's go to the bar. Let's talk there." She said with an excited tone.


"Basta you have to meet my boyfriend."

Again. Boyfriend again. Rhezian is a play girl, this woman.


Ibinaba ko na ang phone at nag punta nalang ng banyo. 5 pm na pala ang bilis talaga ng oras.

That fight at that place was extremely fun and enjoyable. Experiencing things that's not really my type but because of NO MONEY, I need that to make money on my own. Using my fighting skills was great so far. That was two years ago, I think.

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