Chapter 7: Confusion

Marcus POV

I was walking through the hallway as we had just finished our practice, so guys were waiting for me at the cantina while I showered and dressed.

I couldn’t get that girl out of my mind since the moment I first saw her. Shadow, my wolf, was jumping in my head since that day we first started at this school.

At first, I wasn’t sure why he was acting so strange, and then when I saw her in the cantina, she took my breath away. I couldn’t say for sure as Shadow said her inner animal was blocking him out, but when he said she might be our mate, that is when I flipped.

So this weekend, I partied with my friends and still her eyes would pop into my mind. So I did what I do the best—hooked up with a girl to forget her.

So here I am now, running through the hallway with m

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