Chapter 13: Holding on

Marcus POV

I couldn’t let her go just like that, so I followed them. It was hard to control Shadow when we first saw them together.

When Tyson left me standing there with my own thoughts, I struggled with what to do. I finally snapped out of my daze when I heard the car as it drove away in the distance. My heart squeezed in panic, and I wasted no time as I shifted to my wolf form and followed their scents.

It took me a while because it was hard to follow the scent with it being carried away at the high speed of the car, so I stopped a few times to find the correct direction. Finally, I smelled her.

Her scent was taking over my senses, making me feel as if I was floating on the clouds.

I hid when I saw them in the ocean. I couldn’t see well from the place I was standing, so I se

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