Chapter 83: The Elder’s land

It was already early morning when we left Damon’s pack together with all the White Moon’s warriors, Damon, Logan, Tanner, Trent, and Zen, leaving in The Opal pack James and Wyatt as well as Mandy, Annie, and Lizzy, who I must say protested a lot.

I was currently riding on my mates wolf, followed closely by Azrael and the warriors as well as our friends.

Damon chose to go in his dragon form together with Zen, to keep an eye out from above the sky.

I would have felt cold if it wasn't for the warmth that was engulfing me, coming from Marcus. His soft, dark fur was like a cloud, inviting me to snuggle closer, making my arms stretch as far as it was possible, wrapping around his strong neck.

Holding tight as we were rushing fast through the forest. I could barely

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