On The Road
On The Road
Author: LC

You’re the greatest person I ever loved. You’re the king and I am your princess. 

I didn’t expect that the tragedy will make us drifted apart. I didn’t expect I will end up in the body I never thought I would go.

We crossed the same road and while wailing, the memories suddenly sank into my mind. It reminds our memories together during our past life.

I was out of breath. I’m alone in the deeply carved footsteps; I call you indifferently and find myself smiling.

Now I know that in order to be happy, I need is you.

Can you hear my voice? Can the echoes I shout outreach to you?

When I close my eyes and think of you. It feels like spring has come.

You are the person I gave all my heart to. It was you, was all you. I’ll tell you then when I meet you again. 

You and I are here in the 21st century with me. You have me but I am in a different body. This road helped me dream and live through heart-aching days 

This road to you... Did I lose my way?  

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