"It's perfect." She said looking around the room, it was a studio apartment bigger than she expected, a little on the high side but she loved it, especially the fact that it was situated in a sky rise building and she loved the views from the tall glass walls.

"So korina, are you taking this one?" Daniella asked impatiently, she had heard these words 'it's perfect' for every apartment they checked over the weeks and korina never picked anyone.

"Yes,I am." She nodded in affirmative and turned to the landlord, "How do you want it, E-money or cash?"

          Korina watched Daniella hand over the card to the cashier and looked at all the multiple shopping bags wondering who was going to carry them for her cause she sure ain't touching shit.

"Is that all ma'am?" The cute asian lady behind the counter asked.

"Errm, I think...I would ta...?" Korina hit Daniella cutting her sentence short, "That would be all."She nearly growled facing the cashier, she was never going shopping with Daniella ever again.

Her feet ached, her hands were sore from holding out various outfits and she was sure her mouth would get sore too after various comments like

"it fits",

"it's perfect",

"black suits you better",

" no,take the other one"

Never again, she sighed.

Looking at the bags was a perfect example of when your man says 'treat yourself baby, buy it all' and she was certain Daniella over did it.

"K babe, could you please help me with the bags?"

"No, fucking no."


"Nope, you bought your shit you carry it yourself, I warned you, the only thing I am taking out of here is my purse and this chocolate bar, bitch bye see you at the car." Korina said and walked out if the mall.

"I am never gonna forget this day, this day I asked you to help me and you refused, on this day you left me to face my troubles all on my own and here I was thinking I had a supportive cousin and a best friend."Daniella said as she got into the car.

She finally reached the car after nearly over 15 minutes, Korina didn't know how she managed to carry all her stuff but earlier on, she spotted Daniella talking to a man outside the mall, maybe he assisted her.

"Yea, yeah, whatever, start the car let's go already." Korina rolled her eyes at Daniella, always such a drama queen.

          It wasn't long before they got home, it was already late and the sky had begun to darken.

"You cooking tonight?" Korina asked.

"Nope, too tired I will just order pizza."

          After binging on pizza and movies both of them sat to talk.

"So what's next? now that you have gotten an apartment."

"Moving in??" Korina answered quizically.

"I mean, are you gonna buy a car or get a job or start getting furniture or something."

"Definitely not a car, I will find a job can't live off my savings forever and I will start buying furniture in preparation to move in."

Daniella just nodded.

"Dan, I thought you said your boyfriend stayed here, how come I have never seen him?" Korina asked.

Daniella's face turned slightly pale at Korina's question.

"What's wrong Dan?" She asked noticing the sudden change.

"Nothing, I just have a headache, a very bad one." Daniella replied quickly slightly touching her head.

"So about your boyfriend..."

"Oh you know rich guy, business stuff, bla bla bla, all those kinda..."

"Get straight to the point." Korina said cutting her short, her blabbing was irritating.

"He's always kinda busy, always on different flights, in different countries." She said,"He's never home a lot or at all."

"Oh, sorry about babe, you must really miss him."

"Yes,I do."

          The rest of the moment was enveloped by silence.

"So does he ever take you on business trips with him? before you answer that, I don't know how to say this cause of course you are my best friend and family, we have been through a lot together, you are basically the only one that stayed with me.Thanks a lot Dan for everything,  you are such a remarkable person, I love you so much." Korina poured out her words absentmindedly not taking her eyes off the glass of orange juice she held, "Mind you savour these words for  I am never saying them again, ever!"She said with half a laugh.

          Korina turned to her left to look at Daniella when she noticed she never heard a response, She was met with Daniella's sleeping form who was snoring lightly, She had been conversing with herself for long.


          She stood in front of the mirror and stared at her reflection for a long time.


Why did they always leave?

Questions that ran through her head all the time.

People often said she was beautiful and could turn heads but to her,her looks were just modest.

But what use is all these, if I can't keep a partner?

          That night, she cried herself to sleep as she had done every other night.

She still loved brian a part of her wanted him back but the other part of her knew she deserved better.

But she wished he would come back and take her, this time she would do everything to keep him, she would make sure he was happy and she would do everything to make him happy.

          The next morning korina woke up with a banging headache and a new and strong resolution she sang happily in the shower during her morning bath as she kept on chanting 'be happy' quotes she had seen on the net.

She was going to move on and start all over.

She was going to live and forget it all.

She could do it and she had to.

She would.

That morning as she set out of the house to search for a job with a big smile on her face.

She knew she was certainly going to make sure her life was better here alone, she was going to start afresh and have a great life.

She would be happy.

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