A year and some months later.

          The worse thing to wake up to in the morning was the sound of an annoyingly loud alarm.

"Drrrrrrrrrggghhhhh." The alarm kept ringing continuously, Korina reached out a hand to the bed shelve top, grabbed the clock aggressively and put it off.

Well, happy lazy Sunday to me, She thought with internal joy as she leaped off the bed.

She stood in front of the tall glass window and watched the sun rising with squinted eyes, the rays streamed through the glass illuminating the room.

That was what she loved most about the apartment, it was the view.

She yawned and stretched before she felt a sharp shooting pain in her head.

"Ouuuuuwwww!" She shouted.

A hangover?

"Oh, you are up." A voice said.

"Yes,I am." She replied, wait what?she didn't remember having a roommate.

She whipped around in shock to see a man clad only in boxers, cooking and happily humming in her kitchen.

What the fuck?!She nearly screamed.

"Who are you? how did you get here?don't move, I am calling the police!" She screamed searching for her phone frantically.

"Hey lady, calm down." The man spoke.

She picked up a hanger and waved it dangerously at him wishing she'd scare him.

"Don't move!" She warned.

The man watched her amused.

"Daniella!Daniella!" She screamed into the phone, "There is a naked man in my apartment and he's making deliciously smelling pancakes."

"Your annoying voice wasn't the first thing I wanted to hear this morning, what is it?" Daniella replied.

"There is a strange dude in my apartment and I got a hangover, calling the cops."

"Oh, you mean kelvin?"


"Kelvin from the club, you remember last night." Daniella tried explaining.

"I don't know what you saying, there is a guy in my apartment naked, making pancakes and they smell nice."

"At the club yesterday, dumbass." Daniella said palming her face.

"Oh..." Korina said in realization as the memories came rushing in.

"You do know you have..." Daniella began,"Bye Dan."korina cut her off and dropped the phone.

"You, so your name is kelvin from the club." She said facing him.

" name is kelvin without the 'from the club' in it." He said emphasizing demonstrating with the mug cups he was holding.

"Don't you dare break my cups!" Korina warned eyeing him.

"I am so sorry."He apologised dropping the cups on the counter," So I was wondering if we could hang out some..."He hadn't finished before She cut him short with a question.

"Did we do anything yesterday? you know anything..."

"Nope." He replied.

She smiled lightly, bent down and picked his pants and shirt from the floor threw them in his arms and pushed him towards the door.

"Wait...i..." He said.

"What is it?"

"Could we hang out?maybe like a date or something, meet up for coffee perhaps?" He pleaded.

"Sorry,I don't do men"She answered.

" you do females then." It was evident that he was sad for his face fell after her response.

"No! I don't, you know what...get out!" She said finally pushing him out the door and into the hallways.

Phewww, She locked her door, walked over to the bed and fell on it embracing sleep again.

          She woke up later to the sound of her phone ringing.

"Hello." She spoke, her voice still sleep filled.

"How's work? your boss unleashed her inner dragon yet?" Daniella asked with a chuckle.

"Dan, dumbass Daniella, today is Sunday."

"Nope, korina today is Thursday and you should be at work by now."

Korina looked at her phone screen.

"Oh My God!!!" She screamed.

Daniella shook her head wondering when her cousin would ever get her life straight.

"It's Thursday Dan, my boss would kill me, it's freaking 9:30 AM." Korina screamed running around the scattered apartment looking for clean clothes and undies as she smelled each cloth in the the midst of clothes thrown all over.

She took a whiff of a shirt and threw it aside in horror.

"My apartment is a mess."

"Your life is a mess." Daniella said pointing out the obvious, "And don't forget I got a date scheduled for you tonight, don't you ditch."She warned.

"I told you, no more dates."

"What was that you said?  you would love to go on a date, well that's splendid." Daniella said and ended the call immediately.

Korina groned, Oh shit.

          She ran out of the bathroom after what you could barely call a shower and picked up her phone.

Her boss was calling.

"Hello ma'am." She whispered as she carefully tiptoed to the bathroom sink still wrapped in a towel, her phone in one hand and brush in the other.

"Korina Black." The woman said, "where are you?"She asked calmly.

Korina was shocked that her boss was speaking calmly, she expected to get screamed at.

"Korina, the wonderful people of New York take breakfast at diners as early as 7:00AM and you happen to work at a diner and it's 10:00AM, korina where are you?" Korina was getting scared that she was still talking calmly.

"See ma'am, I just had a little accident." She lied.

"You had an accident next to a running tap? I can hear running water and a brush, you wouldn't happen to be brushing, would you?"

Korina spat at the contents of her mouth and dropped the brush,"yes, no, yes."She wondered why she even bothered answering.


Her boss screamed and she wondered where the old lady got her strength.

Now there was the scream, 3 minutes?She gulped.

"I gave you 3 minutes, you took 20." The angry woman behind the desk screamed.

Korina wasn't even paying attention to her boss, the only thought on her mind was the fact that she didn't get to eat the pancakes 'kelvin from the club'made.

"Are you even paying attention? young lady, what was the last thing I said?"

"Uhmmm, the last thing you said was 'what was the last thing I said' ". Korina replied and that was it, her boss snapped and threw the files she was holding at her.

"You are lucky, I haven't fired your sorry ass yet!" She screamed after korina as she ran out of the office.

            Korina changed into her uniform, got behind the counter and took her position.

She looked at the long line of customers before her.

It was gonna be a long day.

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