The hours Daniella had to wait were the most tiring and elongated hours she had had to wait in her life.

She sat in the waiting room as she was tired of pacing around, her head bent over and shoulders slumped, tears streaming down her cheeks.

She was sober now, the shock of the incidence had gotten rid of the liquor.

She couldn't stop crying, thoughts of any possible terrible outcome of the situation ran through her mind.

What if she dies?

She raised her head and wiped her tears, chiding herself for being a cry baby, she going to live, she assured herself.

"Daniella." She glanced towards the direction of the voice and saw her mother approaching. She threw herself into the woman's arms and started sobbing all over again.

"Mom." She sniffed, "I am so scared."

"It's okay baby." She consoled her rub

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