Andre ran out of the school happily, excited to go home, he went to a corner and sat on a bench quietly waiting patiently for Korina to come pick him up.

"Hello." He looked up at the sound of the voice, a tall blonde bearded man was before him. 

"How are you?" The man asked.

"Fine sir." Andre answered shifting uncomfortably, his mum had told him to beware of strangers and not talk to them.

Jace gazed down at his son and studied his features, he saw how he cowered from him and felt his heart break, he didn't know how to react to that.

A lot of emotions stirred up in him, he wanted to pick up the boy and hug him close but at the same time didn't want to do that as it would scare him more.

"What's your name dear?" He asked.

"Andre." Andre looked up at him, "What's yours?" He asked frowning.

Jace almost laughed, his son tried to look fierce, "I wou

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