Their exhausted and sweaty bodies were still wrapped together, none of them said a word trying not to ruin the blissful moment.

How they went from hugging to kissing and he ending up pounding into her in the bedroom wasn't what they both planned or expected to happen.

The sex was still as great as Korina remembered, even better.

Korina remembered Jace's hands, tongue and mouth were still very skillful.

"Damn, that was great." She let out in a raspy breath, "God!"

"I missed you." He said kissing the top of her forehead and then proceeding to kiss her. She climbed on top of him and began grinding against his erection leading to yet another vigorous love making session.

          Korina woke up naked the next morning to an empty bed side and rumpled sheets, "Holy fuck, no!" She screeched on realising what happened the previous nights.

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