"God Daniella, I miss him so much." Korina groaned.

It's been two months now, she hadn't let Jace come in contact with her but she knew he was still in Spain hanging around waiting for her to give him an answer and she wondered why he was so stubborn and she knew he was going to wait no matter how long it took.

"Then tell him you have forgiven him already." Daniella rolled her eyes, "And quit your whining."

"I don't know." She said, "I am scared that he might still be hiding something from me, that something might go wrong."

"Does Andre know Jace is his Dad yet?" Her cousin asked, "Did you tell him?"

"Nope." Korina shook her head.

"Then who the fuck did you tell the kid the guy is?" Daniella asked raising her voice.

"Well...i always try to avoid the questions." She sighed, "And I restricted him from seeing Andre although I know he still goes to see him

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