Love is a beautiful thing but it becomes more beautiful when two people in love agree to exchange vows and  spend the rest of their lives together.

Walking down the aisle to the altar was a dream to Korina, She couldn't contain her excitement as she saw Jace standing there waiting for her,  Andre smiled all the way walking her to Jace, he was happy that his mama and papa were finally going to be together.

It wasn't a small rushed wedding this time, it was well planned event, it was classy and unique with important people of all walks of life present.

            Jace couldn't control his Joy either, he was finally having the woman he loved to himself, he had kissed her when she reached him and also after the vows.

          Ade couldn't contain his Joy of Jace finally finding happiness and getting the woman he was smitten by, for the first time in long

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Faith Peters Nkem
Wow lovely, I would to read Ade and Danielle story.
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Do you do a short follow up story on her cousin and Ade
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Nan kcl
Great read, thank you author..and yes please i would love to read Ade and Daniela story plus Anne...️...️...️
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