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Chapter 1:

Waking up with the sound of his ringing alarm, he rolled his tiny body as he searched for the little machine that still keeps on making his ears twitch. He reached his hand out to end his never-ending agony. Smiling through his victory as he could finally feel the metallic surface of his alarm clock, he immediately pressed his index finger on the button and heaved a sigh.

"Konan, you need to get your ass up now or you'll be late for your class." A sweet yet sassy voice was heard from god knows where.

"I don't want to... Let me sleep, Len." He protests, rolling his body through the other side of his king-size bed.

"Konan... You know that rolling your body over and over won't make me change my mind." Lenan said as he made his way to the other side to shake this sleeping log on his bed. "Wake up or I won't let you cook dinner later?" He said, shaking his friend, yes his best friend for life.

"Okay okay! Yaaah, stop! I already got your point! Gosh, no need to shake me." He said, receiving a chuckle from his Lenan.

"Do you want me to accompany you to the bathroom?" Lenan asked, sneaking his head out to check for his friend.

"Thanks, Len but just to remind you, I'm blind, not disabled." He said, making his way to the bathroom carefully. He picked up his wooden stick to use as his guide towards the bathroom.

"Okay, buddy. just call me if you need anything, okay?" Lenan said as he heaved a smile. "Oh, Konan! I put your uniform on your night table. Just call me when you finish, okay!" He shouted intentionally because of the sound of dripping waters, meaning konan started to have his nice shower.

"Okay, mother! I got it and thank you!" Konan shouted as he started to wash his hair and body as the warm water made its way to his precious skin until it reached the ground.

"Gosh, don't call me that! I'm still young and wild but not free though, rawr!" Lenan said as he made his way through the door and walked through the stairs and finally reached the kitchen to prepare their breakfast and packing their lunch for their first class at their new school. What a great friend right?

Konan found it funny that his best friend can't leave him but he is thankful for that. He already asked him why, only to receive a "cause you're my best buddy, and no one can change that, even you!" From Lenan so he just decided to brush it and shrug it but he never forgets to thank his buddy though.

"Konan! Your parents are calling for you!" Lenan shouted as he put away the phone from his loudest mouth. "Oh yes yes, mama Soo... Yes yes, but he's still in his room, probably dressing... Oh yes, he's doing great... Oh that's nothing compared to what you've done for my family mama Soo... oh yes don't worry, I will tell him.. okay bye mama Soo!" He decided to check on his friend, konan only to find him walking down the stairs all by himself.

"Oh GOD! Doh Konan! What do you think you're doing!?" He shouted as he immediately ran to him with a frown on his face. "I thought we already agreed that you'll tell me when you finish showering! Gosh...You're making me worry!" He said, guiding his stubborn friend to walk down the stairs safely.

"But, I can do this. Jeez, I would never let you babysit me for your entire life and look! I have my stick!" He proclaimed, showing his hands up.

"Whatever... We need to eat now, gosh. We're going to be late!" Lenan said, pulling the chair for Konan to sit as he tossed a napkin to the side of the table and putting sausage and eggs to his plate, the same goes to Konan's. He gently guides him to touch the carton of milk for his buddy to drink.

That's their everyday routine every time they were up. The majority of their routine was Lennan's, helping his friend to catch up. He can't just leave him alone, letting his friend's life miserable. He always makes sure that Konan won't bore himself by reminiscing about his past.

As for Konan, he's a blind one. He can't see but the picture of the blood flowing from his head is still vividly clear. The memories of the bitter accident are still lingering at his mind. The buzzing sound of phones with the siren's response. The scars have faded but the memories are still lingering in his head.

"Hey, Konan!" He was taken aback when he heard a sound of fingers flicking that he knows from his friend.

"Huh? What is it?" Konan asked, shaking his head as he touched the spoon with the fork.

"What is it my ass! Let's go! We need to go." Lenan said, grabbing his backpack and Konan's. He hurried to his friend when he noticed the two buttons are not properly arranged.

"Hey give me that! I can carry that myself you know." Konan immediately protested. He doesn't want to be a burden to his friend and besides he can carry it.

"You're welcome, my beloved friend! I don't want you to get robbed again! Let's go cause the school bus is there!... Let's see if that school really has a lot of hotties!" Lenan exclaimed, pulling the hand of his Best friend. Well, it's true. He was robbed by a running guy when he's walking alone at the park without Lenan's watch.

"Oh god, forgive me if I happen to slap this one," Konan whispered to himself but who knows if someone heard hi—

"Huh? Are you saying something?" Lenan asked, raising a brow.

"Oh God, nothing! Let's just go, my manly friend!" Konan blurted out laughing, imagining his friend's reaction.

"Yeah, that's right! Let's go, you little penguin!" Lenan cheered as he found the school bus.

What a great day to start right? Having a positive friend and cheering the hell out of you...

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