-Bucket list-

The two little kids found their way in the mansion's living room. when they decided to ask Konan's mother for permission to come when they agreed on their friend, Chris's idea of going to the cafe to play some arcade games with their squad, including Lenan, Chris, and Ken. They found their subject watching some movies as they heard her mumbling some words. Sneaking on the couches, they looked at each other's gazes and start mouthing a count, one... Two...

"Mama Soo!, can Konan come with us, please?..."  Little Blake said, looking at his best friend's' mother with his ever pleading eyes, "don't worry, Mama Soo! We will be here before five! Or before you know it!" He says as he turned his looks on Konan who's now grinning at him while nodding at the agreement.

Well, his so-called Mama Soo was literally shocked at the sudden little voice coming from her side. She immediately beamed a smile when she noticed that her son is grinning widely but for god knows why. she decided to play with them a little bit, just a little bit of her sass. She playfully turned to look back at the big screen where she was watching her favorite movie.

"Hmmn... Should I allow my son to go?..." She says while picking up some popcorns on the table, "what if ... What if I don't want to? Hmmm..." She said, holding back her laugh when she noticed the kids thinking for some reason. After a couple of seconds, she heard Blake clicking his tongue.

"Mama Soo!... How about, we'll sleep here tonight... With Lele!" Little Blake asked, showing his index finger up. He smiled when he saw Konan's eyes were twinkling, "We can have a sleepover here... So, Konan won't be lonely tonight!..." He cheered, waiting for her response...

That's where she lost it. Well, she can't contain the cuteness of her son when he's smiling like won on the lottery so she just nods with a smile.

"Okay, kids! We'll cook your favorite foods, and oh Blake, your Mama said be careful." She said, smiling at them, "you can go now Konan, honey! Just stick with them, okay?" She added, motioning her hands for them to hug which they gladly accept...

"Bye, Eomma! We'll go ahead now" Konan said, kissing his mother's cheeks and when he received a nod, he immediately pulled Blake out to the door.

"Be careful kids!" She shouted, looking at them, "Gosh these kids..." She said, chuckling at their cuteness. What a great day to start...

Well, the two giggling kids proceed to make their way. running their way to the gate where their squad is waiting for them. Smiling at the sight of their grinning squad, they cheered for their victory, another chapter, another adventure to make.

Bidding their goodbyes on the guards, they proceed to step out of the gate then started to walk with their friends. What a great day...


This nth time around, they decided to have dinner, all together with their Hyungs, including Mino, James, and their friend Josh.

Planning to surprise for Blake's upcoming birthday, they agreed to barge on their apartment that they have been planning the whole time.

Mino and Josh rushed their car on his way to the said apartment at the exact time.

Hopping out from the car, they looked at each other with a smile then gives each other a nod. Looking at the building, they made their way to the counter and heading up to the elevator.

Mino decided to send Lenan a message as he presses the fourteenth floor. Looking at his wristwatch, Mino smiles while when he heard Josh singing his favorite song.

"Hey, Josh, save that vocal of yours cause we're gonna be knocking their ears tonight!" He said, looking at his friend, chuckling at his smirking face.

"Don't worry, my dear friend. It was just a little vocal stretching of mine..." Josh proudly said, looking the consecutive floors, "and oh, how's the case? Any updates?.." he asked. Well, he's free to ask him anything cause they're partners. Mino being the lawyer with Josh being the policeman.

"Oh, right. We'll talk about it later with Lenan," he said, smiling when they heard the elevator rings with the sound of ting, they stepped out of the cage.

Then, he stopped by...

"I'm worried about him. I've heard that the murderer was Konan's father and he's still nowhere to be found after that incident with that car accident at the same time..." He said, heaving a sigh.

"Come on, let's just talk about this later!" Josh said, "cause I don't want to ruin this moment of mine! Let's go!" He cheers smiling at his partner, aka his best buddy of all time.

Mind me telling you that they even live in the same roof near their office. Well, best friend for life!

They noticed the specific room number that Lenan sent them, the huffed and smile. Mino decided to finally press the doorbell, cheering the hell out of him...


"Hey, Blake!...Go get them!" Lenan said, motioning his hands on the door's direction, "they're probably here by now! Well, who would ring the bell of stranger's door, right?" He mumbled as he smiled at his brother Who's running on the living room at the excitement that he even forgot that he's still on his wardrobe with his hair dripping wet.

Well, as for Blake, he just ran out of the living and makes his way on the bell ringing door. He didn't even look at the screen monitor cause he's definitely sure that it's his hyungs. Unlocking the waiting door, he immediately jumps on them not waiting for their greetings. The two giggling Hyungs just cooed on his sweetness.

They're so happy that their little Blake didn't change despite having some mental issues.

"Hey, you piece of lollipop! Do you have a plan of crashing our sexy bodies down!" The guy with specifically light brown hair on his left side chuckled. "yeah, I know I know! Everyone misses me cause I'm a living handsome!" He says as he pulls out from the hug.

"Yeah, I agree! I'm a living god of handsome flesh!" Mino cheers while laughing at Blake's amused look on them, "don't you want to invite us!?" He asked.

"Oh yes yes, sorry I forgot! Let's go inside! I'm pretty sure, they want to hug you guys too!..." Blake said, pulling the two latter towards the living room only to found no one.

"Lele!... Konnie!... These Hyungs are looking for you guys! James Hyung! You too! Where on earth did they go..." He asks as he let the two sat on the couch. sneaking his head to the kitchen's direction, He smiled when he saw Lenan and Konan finishing the dishes, he made his way to the dining room only to find James preparing the table.

"Hey, Blake! Do you mind if a friend of mine will eat here with us?" James asked, scratching his nape at the sudden embarrassment.

"well, I already invited him, so...uhmm it's jus--"

"Oh my god! Hyung, you should see your face right now!" Blake just laughed at him, "Of course it's okay! Don't worry Hyung! Your friend is our friend too!" He said as he makes his way back to the living room only to find the two whisperings about something.

There's something on their whispers that cautiously concealed their voices.

Well, he just cleared his throat as he speaks...

"Sorry to bother Hyung but Lele said we need to eat first..." He said, motioning his hand to the dining room.

"Oh really!? I miss Konan's cooking!" Josh cheers, sniffing the smell that lingering on the surrounding as he lets out a squeal.


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