CHIDERA~ His Sin (A Nigerian Romance)
CHIDERA~ His Sin (A Nigerian Romance)
Author: vanessaugbomauti


For as long as I can remember, I always thought this was normal and it was part of God's plan for every Female to Marry at the age of Fifteen. Seeing as most of my time was spent in Church I believed that everything that has happened and still happening to me is part of God's plan for me. It only took me a while to realise that I was just simply unlucky.

I lost my Parents at the very young age of Five. Infact I can barely remember the times I spent with them before they passed. My Uncle took me in and cared for me like his own that was until he also passed away. His Wife, Aunty Yetunde despised me from the beginning and made sure her Children Ben and Joe Disregarded me too. Since the very first day I stepped foot in her house, she made sure to remind me that I was an Orphan and I was unlucky. She said her Husband only took me in out of Pity since no one else wanted me. She made sure I knew i was Ugly and Unfortunate.

Though she Verbally abused me she never hit me once since My Uncle never allowed it but Once My Uncle Onyeka passed away hell was let loose on me.

With time things became very difficult as they were not very rich to begin with. Aunty Yetunde has always been a housewife and she hates to think about working talk more of actually Working.

  Once things became too difficult, I was married off to one of Lagos most wealthiest and eligible bachelor, Damilayo Christian Adelaide. The only son of The Adelaide family who was twenty at that time and had just graduated from one of the prestigious schools overseas and came back to Nigeria to Claim his legacy.

  For Five years going to Six years, that I've been Married to Damilayo. I watched as he came home with different model like black women. I guess it's not Cheating if I let him do it Continuously not that I have a say.

  My life is totally Miserable and at some point in my life I began to doubt My Faith. I began to wonder if God truly existed and if he did, Why would he let his Child suffer so much.

  I remember walking into the church one night. I went on my knees in front of the altar and I prayed, Cried and begged God to relieve me of my Pain but I guess He didn't hear me or maybe this is a punishment of some sort. I must have done something really terrible in my past life to deserve this. Either that or Aunty Yetunde is right, maybe I am cursed and because of that I killed my Parents and Uncle so now I'm paying.

   My days are the same. I wake up early in the morning and go to the kitchen. I don't really have to work since there's a cook and Maid who keeps the house clean. So I basically don't do anything.  It all started when I first got here, i was cleaning the house. I ended up cleaning the mini bar in a corner of the big Parlor. I was wiping the counter and stools before moving to wipe the shelf where countless of Drinks both Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic were being kept. I somehow broke one of the drinks not knowing how expensive it was.

  Damilayo didn't shout at me or punish me. Instead he yelled at the staff for letting a Child clean. He made it clear that day that I was to never do any house chores.

It also amazes me how I could stay an entire day and not set eyes on the Man I'm supposed to be married to.

  Even though I married Damilayo at such a young age, he made sure i finished school and even get my Master's degree from University of Lagos. He didn't want the world knowing he was married to an illiterate.

  I used to think every girl married at that age until I got to school and I was the only girl my age wearing a 16 karat gold and diamond wedding band.

  I always wondered why Damilayo's parent would ever get their Only Son Married to a low class girl like me. I'm Ugly and at Fifteen I barely even had boobs.

  The only good thing about this Marriage is that I was blessed with Loving In-Laws. Damilayo's Parents were simply the best and they love me unconditionally though I cannot say the same about his two Older Sisters; Tofunmi and Seyifunmi who choose to disregard me.

   Today, just like every other day I woke up early to make sure everything was in place. I didn't sit with Damilayo for breakfast, I never do. I get the feeling he doesn't like to see me so I always give him his space.

    To be Honest; Damilayo has given me everything. I wouldn't say he Cares for me per se but I can say he feels like I'm his responsibility. He makes sure to send me half a million naira every month as allowance and I barely spend ten thousand naira out of it on myself. I'm so rich for doing nothing. I have people doing everything for me that it makes me question my reason for existing. I have Cooks, Maids doing the house chores including the laundry, I have a personal bodyguard who follows me everywhere when I'm outside the house. I even have people doing all my wardrobe shopping and when I have to attend some business party or dinner with Damilayo they dress me up and do my make up.

  Damilayo doesn't really take me anywhere. The only dinners or events I attend with him is if his Parents are involved. They like to see us together but when it's something rather private. Like his own work related dinner or party he takes one of his Concubines which I don't mind. I rather be in sweats all day that dress up and wear heels for one night. Just thinking about the excruciating pain of walking around all night in heels had me cringing.

   Since I didn't know what my interest were I didn't really spend much of my allowance. Though I do visit a particular orphanage from time to time and I make sure to get the kids lots of toys and also food stuffs. Aside spending most of my time at Saint Veronica's Foster home, I also do some charity work too and contribute to some Church projects.

Damilayo has no idea what I do with his money. I didn't bother to tell him as I cannot predict his reaction.

The morning went by so fast with me doing absolutely nothing. When I got downstairs again I see that Ini the Cook was preparing to go to the market Or rather asking Ope the maid to help her go to the Market.

"Ope na." She pleads. "Na God I take dey beg you. Help me do this thing make I fit pound this Yam before e cold. You know say Oga no dey like cold Pounded yam." She tries to reason with Ope.

Ope seems reluctant. "I for help you. You know say I no get problem to go market but Oga done tell me say make I do thorough cleaning for that e room and as I no con come work early today I no sure say I fit go market con come back clean the room. By that time Oga don reach house." Ope explains. I take in both their situations. They both had their hands tied. I know how Damilayo gets when things aren't done a certain way. Since I was very free there was no reason I couldn't help.

  I made my appearance in the kitchen and they both greet me.

"I can help with the Groceries Ini." I suggest.

She exchanged looks with Ope. "Ah No! I no fit send you go Market na. Oga go kill me."

"Only if he finds out. I won't tell him and I know you won't either. So just let me do this besides I have to get few things for myself too." I tell her. She looks indecisive but I was giving her a good offer that was beneficial to her.

"I really don't mind. I've been stuck in this house since morning. Tami will go with me." I add. Tami being my Bodyguard.

She finally gave in and I let out an excited squeal.

  I raced upstairs to change into something that was not sweatpants and a tank top. I pulled on blue Jean's that fitted me perfectly and a simple white V neckline tshirt. Since my natural hair was braided all back I put on one of my many expensive wigs. I slipped my feets into a simple plain but expensive Valentino black slipper before grabbing my Phone and purse then heading downstairs. Ini gave me a grocery list and money before I left the house.


    Grocery shopping wasn't so hard. I expected it to be a difficult task but so far I wasn't having issues. Truth is I don't really need to get anything for myself but I ended up getting sanitary pads since I was due to start in like five days or so. I'm not sure I'll check my tracker again. I also got myself chocolate donuts with rainbow sprinkles and lots of Cookies and juice.

   I paid for everything and Tami took them to the car. I was about to get into the back seat of the car when my eyes land on the Minoso shop in a corner. I told Tami I wanted to check it out and he came with me. Excitement bubbled inside of me as I take in all of the cute stuff I could buy. I got myself a minis headset mainly because it was a cute rose gold color. I was admiring a purple phone case that I thought would suit my phone but I wasn't sure if it was made for my particular brand of iPhone.  I turned around to ask Tami if it was right for my phone but I bumped into someone. A man to be precise.

"Oh. I'm so Sorry." I immediately apologize picking up the neck cushion he bought. I eyed the ugly shade of green he had picked up.

I hear him chuckle. "You don't like it?"

I'm stunned by how deep and soothing his voice was.

I hand him the neck cushion back. "I have no say in what you get." I state.

He watches me intently and I take in his features unlike Damilayo he was a little darker in complexion and his hair was neatly cut. He looked like he did alot of workout and his expensive looking watch told me he had to loaded except I was mistaken.

"Well i do need your expertise since you look like you know what you're doing."

I agreed to help him find a more suitable colour and we ended up chosing a black and grey with a little hint of blue neck cushion. He seemed pleased with the choice.

"I'm Seun." He offers his right hand for an handshake.

I accept it. "Dera." I simply say. His eyes land on my marriage band and his smile slowly fades.

"You're Married." He stated making it sound like a question. He seemed taken aback by the realization. He probably didn't expect me to be married since I look so young. I am twenty soon to be twenty one which isn't a common age to be married in Nigeria. If only he knows what age I really got married.

I hum. "Um...Yes." I admit.

He nods pulling away. "Well uh. It was nice to meet you Dera. I hope to see you some other time."

I loved the way my name rolled off his tongue.

"You too Seun." I mutter not bothering to acknowledge the last part of his statement. We part and I ended up buying the purple phone case which was in fact made for my brand of iPhone.

  Luckily I got home just in time before Damilayo got home. Ini was in fact relieved to see me and I think secret shopping is going to be our secret new thing.


A/N: Phew! First chapter. How do y'all like it. When I started writing this book I felt like I wasn't embracing my Culture. I mean as a Nigerian, an igbo girl for the matter. You'd expect me to write more about my culture, my people.

I recently told a friend to read my work on Wattpad and he said he'd try. Eventually he called me and said he finished my Book Insomnia and my edited version of After dark. He told me he enjoyed it but he expected something more about Nigeria and Our lifestyles. There was something he said that hit home. He said and I quote: I don't really blame you sha. You're just whitewashed. Sometimes I wish Nigerians would embrace their heritage and stop acting like oyibo.

Tbh, he was right. It's not like I act white and I wouldn't say I'm Whitewashed. If anything I grew up in the mist of my fellow black people.

  Though back in Lagos I do have alot of Posh friends with accents, fair skin and allat and when I'm with them I sometimes forget who I am and I find myself matching their vibe talking with accent and acting all posh when in the real sense of things I am not like that. I'm a typical Nigerian girl. Lemme wave my flag sef 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

   Okay! I feel like I've said too much. Lol. Anyways, I'm just going to try and make this book as 🇳🇬 as it can be!

Ok bye lovelies! Oma cares💜💜💜💜💜💜

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Rabby Momoh M
If i must say, the write up is cool and i love it. Good work and good luck
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Really good book Good cover too
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Sharon Akata
Amazing ?

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