Owning the Love of my life
Owning the Love of my life
Author: Tomisin Ayoade
Chapter 1

Chapter 1


"Get your head in the game!!!" Rebecca yelled on top of the music blasting from the speakers in the club.

"I can hear you without you screaming Rebecca" I raised my voice a little which I preferred than the yelling, it made my ear drum ache.

It's New year's eve and I'm here. Clubbing and getting intoxicated thanks to Rebecca's relentless idea to dance our way into the New year. Friends like her make you do the unexplainable. I love her nonetheless, she is the only person I consider a best friend because she's proven beyond a reasonable doubt that I can lean on her, cry and trust her. 

I looked around the crowded club, clearly, a lot of people clubbed their way into the New year and tonight I was of them. So dysfunctional. I wanted to be curled up like a ball in bed watching Netflix and hugging Fletcher - the one thing that keeps me away from thinking about Stan. 

"I'm going to call it a night, I don't feel too good," I said, exhausting the last gulp of liquor in my glass. 

"Don't be a party pooper Claire?" she said disappointed.

"Ten more minutes" I sagged my shoulders in defeat. Rebecca had a way of getting to me with that little cute puppy face she makes. 

"You're waiting for the countdown Claire, afterward you can shove your ass in your Bentley and zoom off" 

I inhaled deeply knowing I'd never win this battle.

"I'm going to need more drink"

"Now that's what I'm talking about, I'll go grab one for you" she jumped up in the excitement and I couldn't help the loud giggle that escaped my mouth. 

The old me would have drunk to stupor, danced like a wild lion and maybe make out with a stranger in the restroom. I smirked at how I'd gone from extremely wild to a successful and more focused woman. Life happened. My eyes met with a figure heading towards me, -oh God please not here, I'm not in the mood - I groaned in thought. 

"Hey my name is Adam" 

"Hi my name is Eve," I said with humor intended to make him see I was not in the mood and sadly he's dumb.

"Nice to meet you, Eve, you here alone?" 

"No, I came with my boyfriend" I had to lie to get him off 

"Oh I didn't know that"

"I don't expect you to" I was disgusted seeing him checking me out and totally eye-fucking me.

"Just in case you change your mind," he said sliding what I assumed to be his contact card into my palm. 

"See you around Eve" he left 

I scoffed at his way of hitting on me, it made me remember that the old me would have given in to his sexual request and another body count increment on the list. I needed that drink now! 

Rebecca as if reading my mind handed me a glass of scotch. 

"Who's the dude?" She gleamed 

Of course, she saw him 

"Just another dumb headed nobody with the need to bang a chick into the new year"

"Easy tiger, if you keep shoving guys away like this, you'll never meet your prince charming" 

I know she's right but I still had to justify my decision. 

"I already met my prince charming Rebecca, it didn't work out" I let out a small grin 

"that ass hole never deserved you to begin with, and FYI he was not your prince charming, he was just another dumb headed nobody with the need to fuck a cunt, sadly it was your cookie but it's not your fault, you were in love with him and it's only natural that you slept with him, don't beat yourself up and stop replacing dicks with Fletcher, makes me think weird of you" 

I laughed at her complete revelation 

"What will I do without you beccs?" I squeezed both her palms in mine over the table 

"Nothing sweetheart, I'm your ride or die" she brushed a kiss over my knuckle. 

"Oh jeez it's almost midnight!" She broke the moment suddenly realizing we had one more minute into 2018. The only thing that crossed my mind was that's I'll be a year older in two weeks. 29 and single -cheers- i toasted to myself. 

"29" i hear Rebecca shout, my body fell out of the trance. The countdown had begun and i joined in.

"5" we all said in unison 

"Happy New year bestie, i wish us a hundred new year ahead" Rebecca hugged me off guard.

"I think that's a curse having to live that long" i hugged her back 

"No it's not, we will still be sexy as fuck"

I laughed so hard at the mere imagination of seeing my wrinkled bestie and i in our one hundred and twenty nines. 

"Can we go now!" I curved my lips 

"Sure tiger ". She set her glass on the table and we exited the club. 

I WOKE UP THE NEXT morning with a bang in my head, i didn't get drunk from last night but drank enough to give me a hangover. I thrust my arm out and smacked around the top of my bed trying to find my wristwatch half asleep. Feeling the familiar object, i grabbed it to sight. 

" 11 A.M " i wryly said.

I got out of bed, lazily heading to my living room. I saw my phone vibrating on the center table.

"Hey mom" i tried to conceal my hangover tiredness 

"Happy new year daughter , sorry i couldn't call you before now"

"I forgive you mum"

"I wish you were here you know, cooking together and singing holiday songs with me in the kitchen, you know your dad is a bore"

"I wish i could mum but i already told you, i have a meeting tomorrow and won't be able to fly back here on time, I'll make it up to you and dad" 

There is no way I'm making up for that, i have no time-what she doesn't know won't hurt her-. 

"How's Nathan?" 

It dawned on me that i had not told my mum stan and i broke up. 

"We broke up mum" i let out a stupid tear

"Sorry baby, it means the right guy is yet to come"

I wish i could believe that, but i stopped believing in love and happy ever afters the day Nathan Stan took off after having sex with me for the first time.

"I have to go mum, tell dad ill call him later"

"Love you baby"

"Love you too mum" i placed my phone back on the table and headed back to my room. 

"Too bad you're not human, you are the only one who truly loves me" i told Fletcher 

"Except my parents and Rebecca of course" 

I wrapped Fletcher in my right arm, inhaling the beautiful view of the city before me from the balcony.

Maybe being single is not as bad as i thought, it just means i have to devote my time to taking care of me. It's a new year and my first resolution is to spoil myself starting today. Feeling refreshed after a counseling time with me, i made Alexa play little mix's power while i got ready to take myself out since Rebecca said she'd be busy today.

FIFTEEN MINUTES PAST NOON i stepped out of my Bentley dressed casually in a maxi blue dress that complimented my waist length dark brown hair. I was about to enter the spa when a familiar voice called my name. I turned to see who it was.

"Damon?" Excitement rushed through my veins and i couldn't help jumping at my childhood friend forgetting my classy mannerisms.

"Claire!" He let out his seductive laugh...

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