Chapter 2

Chapter 2


"Mrs Storm, I think it'll be better if you call it a night" Catalina our housekeeper showed up behind me with a kitchen towel in hand. 

I heaved a deep sigh, my eyes glued on the table. All efforts down the drain just like every other year. I held on to the skinny stem of the wine goblet and took the last drop of red wine before answering Catalina. 

"It's our fourth anniversary Catalina, I don't even know why I thought this would be different" I swallowed back every urge to cry in one gulp of saliva. I had hoped a sinkhole would appear, swallow and free me from all this madness. Not only did I get myself into a loveless marriage, but I was also unfortunate enough to fall victim to an asshole who couldn't care less whether or not I live or die. 

"It's been four years of trying to please him. I have not been fucked for four fucking years because I didn't want to cheat on him while he, on the other hand, fucks a different girl every night" I said, forgetting Catalina's presence.  

 I scan through the buffet warmer on the table, I'd prepared with Catalina Grey's favourite Dirty rice and crockpot chicken with dumplings, I didn't leave out his espresso dipped dessert Tiramisù. 

"I spent nothing less than eight hours on a hopeless night. I even bought a special undergarment." I paused and then continued

"You're right, I should probably retire to bed" I slowly rose from the chair and glanced up at the wall clock staring at me only to realize it was already another day and Grey is still not back from work. He's always late from work so this night was no different in fact, I'd gotten used to this behaviour of his during the second year of our marriage. 

I felt a cold wave erupt from my palm down to my body as I made contact with the curved stair railings that led to the upper part of the million-dollar mansion on the seven hundred and forty acres of land. As I emerged into my room- yes we sleep in different rooms- the clattering of plates which was obviously from Catalina clearing the table went deaf. I slowly unzipped my dress at the back and it dropped on the floor in a pool of silk. I looked in the mirror of my bathroom and laughed at the sheer thought of thinking or believing that tonight would make a difference. I took off the lacy bra and pant, a set I'd exclusively ordered from Cupids fantasy, one of the top lingerie lines in the country whose owner happens to be my friend Frederico. Immediately I stepped out of the bathroom I heard a loud horn that announced Grey's arrival. I hurried to the window side and peeped between the double curtain to see him alight from his car in his always perfect Tom Ford suit. With both hands stuffed in his pockets, Grey walked into the house. I went to the side drawer, brought out a pair of nipple sucker as well as a vibrator furthermore securing them in their respective places. I searched the web for one of Grey's interview on my phone and plugged in my AirPods so I could feel the effect of his deep attention arresting voice as I played with myself with the hope of reaching orgasmic release like every other night I'm aroused. 


The little light between the double curtain blasted into my eyes as I slowly tossed and turned feeling sleepy. 

Shit! I suddenly rose from the bed after realizing I have a nine o clock meeting with the Chairman of a coffee seed company from Ohio who's interested in partnering with Dark Barista by supplying coffee seeds down to our New York factory at a very discounted rate in exchange for a branch opening in Ohio and a fifty-fifty profit split as a partner. I hope to convince him of a seventy-thirty percentage seeing as my brand name is fully involved in this business and it is after all one of the best coffee shops in New York. Either that or the deal's a no-no. 

Dark Barista was founded by my late parents back in the days with its first branch in South Bronx so yes I am not a trophy wife but the CEO of a coffee shop that has fifteen outlets in the city, at least five in seven other states with an estimated number of at least three thousand customers per month in each branch as well as hundreds of millions of dollars in profit annually. I reached for my car keys and hurried down the stairs in my green stilettos. 

"Good morning Mrs Storm, breakfast is served" 

"I am so so sorry Catalina, I have a meeting and I'm already late. Did you see my husband this morning?" 

"Yes ma'am, he left for work already" 

"Okay then" I halted suddenly on my tracks as soon as I remember I would be back late tonight. "Don't include my dinner, I'll be out." 

She simply gave me a nod before I walked out of the house. 


"Please think about it well Mrs Storm" the fifty-something years old Chairman pleaded while I remained stern on my final verdict. I honestly would be doing him a huge favour if I agree to his terms but business is not about favours if it were Dark Barista won't be renowned as it is at the moment. 

"This is business Mr Cameron, just put yourself in my shoes, can you accept such a proposal? The only reason I'm giving you a thirty percent off is because the branch would be headed by you while every other thing asides coffee delivery is going to be my business. It's a fair deal if you ask me" 

There was a deafening silence in my office for a few seconds. 

"Forty," He said

"It's thirty, no more" 

"We have a deal"

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