Author: Iyanuoluwa-Temi


"Mummy please don't go." I cried, following her down the stairs. She paid me no heed, ignoring me like I was some pesky fly she couldn't wait to get rid off.

She and Dad had another fight and suddenly she went to their room, packed all her cloths into the worn out suit case and began to drag it down stairs. Dad had gone out to get drunk, as usual. 

"This is all your fault! Evil child! My misfortune began when I found out you were growing in my womb. I should have gotten rid of you since then but No! Your grandparents made me keep you. Now they are dead. I regret ever having you! I hate you!" She screamed at me as she made it to the door. I shivered as the words pierced through my heart like arrows. 

This wouldn't be the first time she would say those words to me. I have heard those words more times than I can count. She and Dad said them to me severally. I have never felt love in my life. My grandparents died before I was born so I didn't even know them. My father's family wanted nothing to do with us so we were all on our own. 

At first, they abused me verbally but when I turned six, they both began to abuse me physically. I have felt pain ever since . They just loved to see me in pain. Now mum was going. Even though she isn't a good mum I was still going to miss her. I didn't want her to leave me alone with my father. 

"Mum....." I pleaded once more, hoping to change her mind.

"I hate you, Makaila! You ruined my life. I know for sure you will never amount to anything good in life." She looked at me with so much distaste and stormed out. I broke down and started weeping. I immediately knew that everything would become worse.


My dad came back late in the night, drunk and wasted. I looked at him as he made his way towards his room. Suddenly I heard his scream. He stumped down the stairs, anger in his eyes. He picked me up by my shirt and held me close to his face.

"Where is she?!" He thundered at me. I winced in fear.

"She...she..." I stuttered.

"Answer me, you fool!" He glared.

"She...left." I finally said. He growled really loud in anger and raised his hand. Immediately I braced myself for impact knowing what exactly was coming. 

His fist collided with my small face with so much force and I yelped in pain, feeling my self fly. My back hit the chair and I fell, blood running out of my mouth due to the injury his deadly punch inflicted on my lips.

"This is all your fault! I knew you were cursed the moment you were born. I hate you! You will never find love! That is for sure! No one can love a cursed child. No one will ever love you!" He glared and walked back upstairs.

Those last words registered in my mind. He was right. I was a bundle a misfortune. I was cursed. No one would ever love me. 

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