Makaila's POV

I  was running through a dark road . I had no idea where I was going but I just kept running. He was chasing me. He wanted to hurt me like always. I didn't see the tree stump on the ground and that made me trip. He was getting closer. I could see his shadow approaching and I could also hear his wicked laugh.

He came into view.

"I've got you now." He smirked. I tried to run but my leg wouldn't let me. I was trapped. I saw a figure close by.

"Help! Please help me!" I called out. The figure came into view and I saw who it was.


"You will never amount to anything. No one loves you. No one will ever love you. You are a curse! I hate you." She spat out.

"Please mum, help me. Don't let him hurt me."  I pleaded, tears running from my eyes profusely .

" I am not your mother! I will never be your mother!" She said with so much distaste and hatred.

Her figure disappeared as He closed the distance between both of us with an evil smirk on his face. I close my eyes bracing for impact. Suddenly, the weight was lifted from me. I looked up to see he had been pushed away by someone. Someone familiar.

"Christian?" I looked at him really astonished.

"Give me your hand. Let's get out of here before he gets up." He said hurriedly.

Without thinking, I placed my hand in his and he pulled me up and we started running. As we kept running I couldn't stop crying. Suddenly, I fell into darkness.

Someone was shaking me and calling my name.

"Makaila wake up!"

I suddenly woke up into consciousness with a start. I was sweating all over. Christian was in front of me searching my eyes, his face filled with concern. He was shirtless. From the darkness of the room I could see the outline of his perfect body.

Wait... Where did that come from?

"I heard you scream from your room. I had to rush in here. Are you okay?" He asked frantically.

Suddenly everything became overwhelming and I burst into tears. Christian looked confused but he did something no one as ever done to me, especially when I have nightmares.

He hugged me.

He held me close to his body, stroking my hair.

"Hey it's okay. I am here now. It was just a nightmare. You are fine now." He cooed. I found myself relaxing in his arms. He made me feel so safe. For once in my life I felt safe.

Wait! Back up a sec. What the hell am I doing?!

I pulled away from his hand immediately and moved back putting some distance between both of us. He looked confuse at my sudden withdrawal.

Why did I allow him to hug me?

I know he means well but I wasn't supposed to hug him. I cleaned the tears of my face hurriedly.

"I'm fine now, thank you." I simply said, looking anywhere but his face.

"Makaila, it's pretty obvious this is not the first time you are having such a nightmare. Why don't you tell me what's going on? I can help." Christian said, his voice laced with concern.

"I said I'm fine. It's just a normal nightmare. Everyone has nightmares. I just want to be alone right now please." I told him.

"Makaila..." He started but I cut him off.

"Please, don't push it." I pleaded. He dropped it then.

"Alright, I will go. Whatever it is, I hope you will be fine." He said and went back to his room. I sighed in frustration.

If only it was easy to believe him. My life has never been  fine. But he was the last person I wanted to admit any of that to.

Christian's  POV

When I got back to my room, I couldn't stop my mind from going back to what happened with Makaila moments ago. I plopped down on my bed, trying to sleep but I couldn't. My raging thoughts won't let me.

I have never seen someone so vulnerable and scared in my entire life. So scared, that it even scared me. As soon as she started crying, my heart melted. I suddenly had this overwhelming urge to hold her and I did. I pulled her in for a hug. Suddenly, I felt a tug in my chest.

What the hell was that?

I ignored it as her cries increased. She was so light against my body. Does she even eat well, apart from the food I gave her?

Hugging her felt so...comforting. So right. But then she pulled away and I had no idea why. Was it because of what's happening in school or Bethany or she doesn't just like hugging. Why am I even thinking this way?  If she wanted to pull from the hug then that's fine. I mean I have a girl friend that can give me much more than just a hug.



Makaila's  POV

I woke up to the smell of Bacon, fried eggs and toast. It was so mouth watering, I suddenly became hungry. I got down from the bed and moved down stairs, to the kitchen. It was Saturday morning. Thank God I am not in a hurry.

I got down and saw someone else cooking. He was humming a song. I think he felt my presence so he turned and then did I recognise him.

"Good morning, madam." He said in a fake British accent, a smile on his lips.

"Hey, Nigel." I gave a small smile back as I sat on the island.

"How was your night?" He asked again but this time used his normal baritone voice.

"Kinda disturbing at some point, but it passed." I replied.

"Well good thing I made breakfast. It would help to get your mind off disturbing thoughts, don't worry." He said as he dished out the egg into a plate with the toast and bacon. He poured out a cup of coffee for me too.

"Where is Christian, anyway?" I asked.

"Oh. He went for a morning jog. He should be back soon." Nigel replied.

I started eating and moaned in delight at how a simple breakfast tasted so divine. I looked at Nigel and he was smiling at me. Okay, you remember the acquaintance I told you about earlier. That's Nigel.

Nigel was a very nice guy and we are kinda close. He is handsome, very handsome. 6ft 5 tall and physically built. You might think the likes of him belong to the class of Jocks and all that shit but he decided to prove every one wrong. That doesn't mean he isn't good at sports. He is a fantastic Basketball player. He just didn't go along with stereotypes.

After breakfast, we decided to watch movies. The front door opened, indicating Christian was back. He was sweaty and his tee shirt clung to his body giving an out line of his broad chest and complete abs. Tho, he reeked.

"Guess you guys are having fun." He said. I sensed an edge in his voice.

"Yup, we sure are having fun. You can come and join us if you want." Nigel said good-naturedly. Christian began to walk over and wanted to sit beside me. I stopped him.

"Dude! Have heard something called the shower? You reek!" I said, scrunching my nose. He sat down anyway.

"That's why I am a boy. You have got to get used to the smell." He smirked evilly and I grimaced.

"Ewwwww. I think I am going to puke." I said in disgust while Nigel sat there, laughing.

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