Makaila's POV

I went back to staying at my house soon after. The last thing I wanted was for Bethany to meet me at her boyfriend's house. The ray of sun light entering the room made me wake up. I groaned as I tossed and turned on the bed.

Mondays were my worse days, probably everyone's worse days. I finally turned to look at my alarm clock. My eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets. It was 8:30!

Fuck! I slept past my alarm! I had less than an hour to get to school.

I ran to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Then wore a casual white tee shirt, black Jeans pants and stuffed my black hoodie inside my bag. I took my sneakers in one hand and my rollers in another and started rushing down stairs. I didn't see my father in sight but I don't care. I rushed out and started to wear my rollers. I only had twenty minutes left.

"Need a ride, Milady?"I heard someone say. I look up to see Nigel in his Jeep. I heaved a deep sigh of relief before rushing down and entering the car.

"Nigel, you are an life saver." I told him.

"Thank me later. Now let's get to school." He replied with a smirk and I rolled my eyes.

"Yippy! We are going to hell." I yelped with a mock enthusiasm. Nigel laughed. 

We got to school soon enough and as usual students in their cliques were still in the parking lot. Nigel found a parking space close to the cars of Jocks. Suddenly I became nervous and Nigel noticed.

"You are nervous." He stated.

"Stating the obvious now, are we." I smirked.

"Just ignore them. Like you always do. I'm right beside you." Nigel assured me and I nodded.

We got down from the car at the same time, earning whispers and murmurs from the students who were watching us. We started walking and Nigel waved to few of his friends. I stole a glance at the jocks side, catching a glimpse of Christian. He was frowning but when he saw I had caught him looking, he looked away pretending to talk to the others. I frowned.

What's his problem?

Nigel and I made it to the hallway without hearing any awful comment and he walked me to my locker.

"Thanks." I told him smiling at him.

"Come on, what are friends for." He replied,  smiling  back.


That was a really strong word but it felt right coming from him.

"I could give you a ride to and from school every day. Roller skates won't do the work especially when you are almost late." His voice jerked me out of my reverie.

"I would really appreciate it, thank you." I replied. He asked for my phone and I gave him my iPhone.

Don't judge me, I saved so much for it and I walked extra hard to get the money. Compared to any other students phone, I was one hundred percent sure I had the lowest model of iPhone in the whole school.

Nigel typed in his digits and told me I should give him a call later before he made his way to class. I smiled at the fact that I had a friend and for the first time, it felt right. I felt someone looking at me and when I looked up, I saw Christian looking at me. I raised an eyebrow in question but he just turned around and walked away. I frowned at his bipolar attitude.

What was all that about?

Christian's POV

I was leaning against my car along with Bethany and my friends. We were talking randomly, when I saw Nigel's car zoom in. Squinting a little I could see he wasn't alone but I couldn't make out who the person was. As he parked got out, the person also got out and I widened my eyes at who it was.


What the fuck is she doing in his car? More so, why am I so angry about it? They started walking together towards the entrance of the school. Students were murmuring about it, having something new to talk about. Makaila looked and her eyes met mine. I quickly looked away and acted like I was talking to the guys.

"When did your cousin start moving with the freak?" Tyler snorted. I ignored him.

"Are they fuck buddies?" James asked no one in particular and everyone began to laugh. My tummy churned but I laughed slightly, trying to act nonchalant.

"She's such a loser. I thought Nigel had more class than that. I pity the poor boy. He deserves better. He really lowered his standards. " Bethany's annoying high pitched voice chipped . I rolled my eyes and took my bag.

"Excuse me. I need to see someone." I lied and walked into the school building.

I saw Nigel and Makaila talking and smiling at each other. He collected her phone and was punching buttons. He was saving his number on her phone? After a short while Nigel left. Makaila looked up and saw me watching then raised an eyebrow in question. I turned around and left.

Why the hell was I feeling this way?

I don't feel anything for Makaila. I kept telling myself. I accept that I was a little curious about her but that was all.

Only one person can get my mind off this. I took out my phone and and called Bethany.

"Where are you babe?  I miss you." I heard her overly soprano voice.

"Come to the janitor's closet now." I told her.

"Wow. Someone is really horny. I will be there right away." Bethany said and hung up.

She came soon and we both entered the janitors closet. She was already horny and trust me, when Bethany is horny, she's crazy. We had sex for the whole of first period and a bit of second period. When she left, I couldn't get myself still. I still felt the void and the sex even made it a worse. For some reason...

I was disgusted with myself.

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