Suddenly, I felt a strong pair of hand around my waist and the persons chin on my shoulder. From his strong cologne smell that I have gotten used to I knew it was Christian. I giggled and stopped rinsing my hand, placed it on his and held him there. He nuzzles his head into the nape of neck and started kissing me there. My weak spot. I moaned slightly.

"What are you doing, Christian? You are supposed to be out there. It's your party." I whispered.

"It's not the same without you out there with me." He muttered, still kissing my neck.

"I have to handle things around." I told him. He turned me around and I was sandwiched between the kitchen island and him. I couldn't even think straight when he this close to me.

"I want you beside me at all times..." He said, his was husky. Maybe I also had that same effect on him when he was close to me. Not that im complaining. I want him closer than this to me.

"Uhn... Uhn..." That's all I could come up with, my mind filled wit
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