Makaila's POV

Everything was back to normal. School became a place I loved to go to eery single day. No more bullying, fighting and all sort of shit. Christian and I became the most popular couple and even though I hated the whole popularity stuff, I had to get used to it and Christian was really understanding.

He never made me feel uncomfortable. Whenever we are at parties, does not leave me alone to hang out with his guys. He stays with me every single time. He makes me feel so special. He always have. I can't stop loving him because he made everything concerning me perfect.

As for Bethany, she got an early admission into Juliad and had to leave school very early. I was happy for her. Though we were not all buddy, buddy, we were able to work it through.

We are all almost done with senior year and everyone was preparing for prom. Rita and I decided that we would go to the mall to get our

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