Author: Besshaw.


It's raining.

Not the light showers that give headaches or the storms that cause floods but the perfect in between.

The kind of rain that washes everything away, brings a new beginning and has those few flashes of lightning and sprinkled rumbles of thunder.

Perhaps it could bring my new beginning.

I'm kind of fixated with perfect rain, it has always been at the start of everything in my life, literally.

My birth, my first birthday, my first day of school, every birthday, my first trip, my first kiss and so many other significant events in my life.

I should have known when I saw perfect rain that day that something was going to happen, I just didn't know what.

Now I'm sitting on my bed writing in my journal because I've decided to finally put pen to paper and tell my side of the story.

So for all those who have been spreading lies about me, congratulations ooo(in a Yoruba mother's voice), your day of reckoning has come.

For all the others always asking intrusive questions and trying to get any morsel of information, well done oo, be calm, all will soon be revealed.

Just sit back and enjoy the show and don't you dare feel sorry for me, it's what you wanted, right?

I just hope we all don't end up regretting this.

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