Chapter Seven:

| Hollis |

The next day

Whitney’s arm laid like dead weight as it remained looped around Hollis’ bare midsection protectively. Her angelic face was buried in the other girl’s neck while she continued to sleep soundly. Each breath felt light and airy as they caressed her nape, right along the crimson love bites Whitney always had a habit of leaving behind. It’d been fifteen minutes since Hollis woke up in a groggy state, but she didn’t want to risk stirring her girlfriend so she just watched Whitney with a relaxed smile. Laying perfectly still. Recollections of the previous night rushed forward, and they made Hollis infinitely grateful for the adorable woman curled up against her now.


Hearing the despairing cries coming from Hollis’ bedroom, Whitney rushed upstairs to find her girlfriend grabbing at her hair to keep from punching the wall as she screamed blindly at nothing,

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