His Dark Desires
His Dark Desires
Author: Glory Tina

1: Dark collision

"Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go its pretty damn good."


(Alexander's PoV)

It is another business for a good rest, I say, trying desperately to cheer myself up as I walk into the elevator, pressing the button for the fifth th floor of the Von Quaint hotel, having five more minutes to make it for a business meeting with one of my potential client and from what I’ve gathered so far, this client like the Von Quaint hotels for all of his business meeting. The reasons are the discreetness of the hotel and its ability to bring fantasy to reality. Let’s just say that the hotel has the power to make a simple sex seems like real love.

I impatiently look at my watch as I wait for the elevator door to open. Three more minutes is what I have to be on time for this meeting and as each second passes, so does my grip on control.

This is what I’ve been brought down to, meeting a sixty-year-old man who’s probably old enough to be my father and all this because I was once married a man old enough to be my grandfather. He’s probably hoping to get to touch me, but that will be over my dead body. So I’m going to go to his hotel room, drop my clothes and let him bring his fantasies about a twenty-four-year-old, mixed-raced, millionaire with blonde hair to reality.

Millionaire, yes, so I am and yet I still need this deal to keep me going. The idiot I’m about to meet is a multi-billionaire and he’s able to add a few more zeros to the net worth of my company and me as well.

Ever heard of the saying too much money ain't enough money? Well, that’s my case. A few years ago, I would have given anything to own just a quarter of what I own today and here I am today, wanting more.

Call me greedy, but if I am going to ever have kids someday I am not going to make sure that they never go through the same crap I went through. My heart should be beating rapidly, but it isn't because I've been doing this for a while now and if anything they are the ones who should be afraid of me, words on the street are; "devil in disguise of a lady, she's ready to kill you and take your money'' and I am not arguing or ready to change that, at least not to these clients.

So here I am, wearing a gold colour winter coat over my thigh high red dress, with my hair tied into a ponytail and my makeup heavy enough to keep my face neutral even when I need to throw up or at least furious enough to want to punch his face.

The elevator door opens and I step out and I look around the numbers on the doors along the hallway, looking for door number seven, when suddenly I see a man hurrying down the hall and towards me in a navy blue winter coat.

I wouldn’t say that I’m one, who easily gets distracted by the looks of an individual before, but watching this stranger hurry down towards me, makes me takes a take a moment to appreciate the good look that nature has taken it upon herself to bless him with.

I stop moving and I pause for a moment to properly have a full view of the gift of nature walking quickly towards me. As he gets closer I get a full view of his face, chiselled jaw, blue eyes, black hair parted at the centre which he keeps running his hands through to roughen up. He’s also very tall and being barely five feet four inches, almost everyone is tall to me, but I mean it, he’s one tall god, probably about six feet four inches or five and for his height, he still manages to carry himself with grace and control.

As he walks further towards me he begins to pull off his winter coat and then it gets even better as I now don't just get to see a Greek god, I get to see one in all his naked glory. On any other day, I should be weird out by the fact that a man leaves his house or even a hotel room with nothing under his winter coat, but that day isn't today.

From the thick black locks he rare on his head to his perfectly structured nose and puffy lips and chiselled jaw, down to his broad, toned shoulders and onto his biceps which for whatever reason I want to wrap my hands around and run my fingertips on, down to his muscled, toned stomach, down to his long and impossibly big pleasure rod, hanging freely for me to see.

A part of me wishes my eyes were some kind of camera that can take a picture of this man, but oh, how I hate wishes.

You're going to think about him when you touch yourself tonight? My inner thoughts ask and I just might.

‘Snap out of it, Alex, you’re smarter than this, freaking keep moving, you’re running late!’ my mind screams at me, but I just can’t bring myself to take a step further as I watch him turn his long winter coat inside out and the navy blue coat becomes a woollen, milk coloured winter coat before putting it back on, robbing me the chance to properly analyse his thick and somewhat hairy thigh.

Luckily for me, my phone in my purse begins to ring, snapping out my thoughts back to reality. I reach into my purse to get my phone when a pair of arms grab me by the waist, sending my iPhone crashing to the floor and probably breaking into pieces.

Surprise as well as confusion takes a ride on me as my body comes crashing to the wall next to the elevator that I can’t even see or think straight to know if I'm being held up against the wall.

When reality hits and my eyes open to see a pair of blue eyes staring down at me. He breathes down on my face and his breath mixed with scotch and something I’d like to call male desire.

As I struggle with figuring what is happening, I feel my red gown being pulled up and my panties being pushed aside and a finger sliding up my leg, up to my thigh and even higher.

I’m way past surprise and confusion in a matter of seconds, I’m infuriated and I want to push him off and slap the shit out of him, but my body doesn’t fight against his actions, if anything, it welcomes it and my back arches and I push myself against him.

His finger brushes over my button luxuriously even as his eyes hold mine captive like a master does his subjects.

Never in all my existence has a man had me under such a spell, I promised myself after what I went in my late teenage years that that will never happen again, but here I am all weak and vulnerable in the arms of a man I barely even know.

“What the hell!” I finally force myself to gasp out, moans escaping me with every second that passes. I push him off me because though I think he might be a god, he has no right to have his hand on any part of my body without my permission.

"Vamos nena, sé que me quieres, vi la forma en que me mirabas hace un rato (Come on, babe, I know you want me, I saw the way you were looking at me a while ago?)" He whispers, pulling closer.

"I have no idea what you just said," I say between sharp intake of breath, "but I'm running late for an appointment and you need to get lost."

"Vamos, hermoso no seas tímido. (Come on, beautiful, don't be shy.)"

"Do you even even speak English?!" I exclaim, getting all the more pissed off.

"Por qué usted hacer loco quieres que te bese. (Why are you so mad? Do you want me to kiss you?)" He twirls his hand around my curls and he pouts adorably.

He keeps mumbling things I can't understand with his cute little language I'm going to knock him out. I slap his hand off my hair and his hand falls to my chest which is exposed because of the deep v design of the dress.

I shudder and I know he must have felt it too because he doesn't take his hand off my chest instead he runs a soft caress over there. He proceeds to where my nipple is hidden in the dress and runs his fingertip on it.

"Where the hell did he go to?!" My eyes snap back to see a man in his early sixties running towards us.

I wanted to pull away and give aid to the man in need of help, but the strange man pulls me closer and buried his face on the spot where my shoulder and neck meet and immediately my legs gives out so that he's the only thing holding me up.

The angry man glares at us, but I can't bring myself to sanity and realise how improper this is before he goes away, down the hall and takes the elevator. Once he's out of sight, the stranger pulls away from me and sets me down in my feet.

"Esto fue muy bonito, pero tengo que ir. Espero que verte otra vez algún día. (This was really nice, but I got to go. Hope I see you again someday.)" He said before walking away, leaving me half torn, turned on and completely screwed.

I'm crumbling from the inside to the outside and I close my eyes and drag in a deep, hard breath before opening them again, this time gaining a little control of myself and my sanity. I sight my phone on the floor and I am pretty sure that its screen is already broken from the crash it had a few minutes ago, but choosing to be optimistic, I bend and pick it up before turning it around to see a broken screen and I can't help cursing in frustration and rage.

My hands ball into a fist, my fingers digging into my palm and causing unimaginable pain to shoot through my hand to all other parts of my body. "You bloody bastard!" I slam my fist against the wall which only causes more pain, but at the same time, it helps eliminate the craving that has tortured me for the last three minute.

I double tap on my phone and the cracked screen comes up and the time comes in full display on it, telling me it's now eleven minutes past the appointment time and now I'm left with only two options: One I can choose to go in and have the pig that calls himself Patrick Adeyemi make me feel more miserable than I already am or I can just turn around right this minute and take my pride with me the way I came in.

I don't think I need to be told twice. I curse that damn man with his cute language! I swear I will find him and get even and as I turn and press on the elevator I see the man that had run off earlier coming back in with a look of anger, frustration and menace in his eyes and I do not want to make too much into it, but I think judging from the pace he moved in and the fact that he turned his jacket inside out as a way to completely change his looks tells me that the sex god that had his hands up my pants earlier was running away from someone and the male desire I smelt on him couldn't have been present on its own, someone caused it.

 I think sex god was running away from this angry man because he was doing something he shouldn't be doing with someone he shouldn't be doing it with in the first.

"Hey!" I find myself already reaching out to the angry man even though his eyes shoot lasers my way and warn me to back the hell up.

"Do I know you?" He asks dismissively, too pissed to mind his tone.

I find myself smiling since I can't bring myself to cry, "It seems you were looking for someone." This only makes him angrier as he rolls his eyes, "I saw him run down the hall," I continue to speak. "Did he take something of yours?"

"You can say something like that, I caught that son of a bitch screwing my wife!" He grounds out his face going red from anger.

What an animal! I can't believe he still had the guts to touch me minutes after he was chased out for putting his incredibly big stick where it doesn't belong.

Stop it, Alex! 

I gingerly move towards him, minding every step I take with care. "I'm Alex Paige and I think we can help each other out."

"How?" He asks looking at me and for the first time he looking at me and giving me a proper view of his face.

When I thought everything was ruined, there appears a silver lining and this might not be much but it is an opening and I'm taking it. "You're Caleb Mickelson, owner of the largest companies into the importation and sales of simple kitchen machinery ranging from refrigerators to coffee maker."

His face doesn't display much, but he looks impressed, "Yeah, so?"

I clear my throat, trying to get a grip of myself. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but as the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens and as it is, there's an opportunity and I'm taking it.

"I'm Alexander Paige, I could help you track down the man who was with your wife. I saw him making his way out earlier. I know what that man looks like." I offer, in conclusion.

"In exchange?"

"The shares in your company were up for sales last week only to be taken the last minutes when I was about to purchase it and in exchange for the information I have, I would like to buy the shares."

He stares at me as though staring at a retard, "The shares were not taken, they were bought."

My lips pause, well there goes my hope of partnership. "All of them? Oh well, it was nice meeting you, Mr Mickelson."

I step back and turn to leave when he speaks, "I could give you my other company. Well it's new I opened it for Sandra and I was hoping to gift it to her for her fifty-first birthday, but I'm going to sell it to you if you reconsider."

I pause and turn around because he just made this talk interesting. "What line of a company is it?"

"It's cosmetics."

Well, there's always a silver lining in every dark cloud, and as good as this is, "But you were going to give it to your wife." I point out the obvious.

"That was before I found out she has been sleeping with other men while I work myself to death just to make her happy. If you are interested, come by my office tomorrow and bring a sketch of the face of that man and in return, I'll have the papers of the company waiting. Do we have a deal?"

"Of course we have a deal, I'll see you tomorrow."

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