Tomboy and her admirer
Tomboy and her admirer
Author: Parinaz

Ava, a tomboy, who created trouble at the college, her grades were bad and teachers were tired of her. But she had rich parents so no one dared to stop her from doing anything wrong. She had a bold personality but her rich family had nothing to do with the fact that everyone was afraid of her. She had her gang and they went around bullying others at the campus. She once saved, a nerd, Grace from being bullied because she was the only one who could do so. She was interested in that mysterious quiet girl and expressed her interest by bullying her.

Grace, a girl from a poor family, she was an excellent student and had good grades. She lived a little far away from the campus. She did a lot of part-time jobs to pay the bills for she lived alone and her family didn't give her any money, sometimes she had to send them money. She didn't talk to anyone from the class or even the campus and never opened her heart to anyone.

Grace started liking Ava when she saved her from being bullied because it was the first time someone ever helped her. She always wanted a chance to be with her but didn't dare to do anything. Ava was too far away from her, the difference between them was huge and she couldn't fill it no matter how hard she tried. She couldn't hold her with anything. So she just stayed quiet and admired her from a distance without letting anyone know except for her heart.

Her love increased every day and one day she expressed everything that was in her heart thinking that she wasn't listening. Little did she know Ava heard every word she said and kinda liked it. She stepped towards her, without even realizing it.

Come along and read their story, how their love fight against the barriers set by the world. Will they be able to break away from their past or will it lead them to drift apart?

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