Chapter  five

The handsome king.

The other man soon returns with some kind of cutting tools they begin to cut me out of the mangled wreckage, the pain rips up my leg making me cry out as the blade cuts through the steel, The pain is unbearable, and I'm grateful when the darkness comes, and I slip unconscious.

"She's lost consciousness again Halturian."

"Hurry, let's pull her out while she can't feel anything."

"Okay, her legs are free."

"She's bleeding bad brother."

They work together quickly, freeing her from the tangled wreckage of the space pod. The handsome Alien gently picks her up as the other tries to stem the bleeding from the wound in her leg; he looks back to the male in the pod as he asks.

"What about him?"

The Alien looks back at the man who is already a deadly shade of grey.

"It's too late to save him. Check if he has any pulse though.

"Nothing." Is the grim reply.

"Let's get the female to the healers, she's bleeding out, and I'll send some crew back to retrieve his body.


The beautiful white Alien gently carries the female onto his ship as she stirs against him, crying out in pain, he whispers to her.

"It's okay. I've got you beautiful."

Megan’s point of view


I mumble as my eyes open again. The pain in my leg is excruciating, sending me in and out of consciousness.

I look up at the handsome man as he carries me, I don't feel any threat from him, If anything I feel safe in his arms, I feel as though I belong here. My head throbs making me feel light-headed. I don't know if it's because I've banged my head, or because I'm losing so much blood from my leg. Fuck this hurts, I can't help the tears that fall down my face.

The man kept looking down at my concern etched onto his handsome face.

"Where's Max?"

I mumble through my pain,

“Is he okay?”


The handsome stranger looks down at me, his face grim as he replies "I'm Sorry little female, the male who was with you didn't make it, I will get someone to collect his body"

"Oh god, poor Max"

I know I didn't exactly hit it off with the guy, but he didn't deserve to die like this." The tears fall down my face as I bury my head into my rescuer's chest, unable to hold them off, The loss, The pain, It's just too much.

 King Halturian’s point of view

"I'm sorry pretty female,"

I whisper as I wrap her in my arms, we enter the corridors of my ship. I look down feeling concerned at the amount of blood the female is losing. It's too much; I run down the aisle as fast as I can,  I can't lose the female, not only is she the most beautiful female I've ever seen. She could be the answer to all our problems; this beautiful creature could save My planet Altundral and its people from extinction.

My brother prince Galen runs ahead to warn the healers of our arrival as I think to myself, Hurry brother, please don't let it be too late.

Megan's point of view 


The handsome man takes me through the corridors; he's moving quickly; he seems really concerned.

We get to a room, the door is open, and the other man is there from before, inside waits yet another insanely handsome man, what is it with these Aliens? I think to myself as I'm gently placed down on a glass table.



The movement sends a wave of pain through me.


The Handsome man whispers,

"I'm sorry, little female,

" He says, placing me down as gently as he can, before saying.

"This is our healer Jubal; he needs to take a look at you okay?"


"Okay," I reply as I nod my head.

The healer walks over to me with a strange instrument, a pink light shines down on me, and I immediately feel relief, he spends a long time running the instrument over my leg, frowning as he works.


"Will she be okay, Jaleb?"

I hear the handsome man ask as the healer replies,

"She will be weak for a while, and her legs will need more sessions, but she should be okay."

"Do you know what species she is?" the handsome man asks the healer.

"I'd say she is a human." the healer replies.

I'm feeling sleepy as I listen to them talking, but the pain has almost completely disappeared, my eyes close as I listen to their conversation.

"Is she compatible?"

"I will need to run a full-body scan; It seems as though these humans are very similar to Altundral's females, but she's very small compared to our females."


Compatible? What for? I think to myself before they carry on talking.


"We will need to take some eggs from her if we can fertilise them. We may be able to grow a fetus in an artificial womb, I'll let her rest today, and we can run the scan tomorrow."

"I won't let you take her eggs without her permission; I'll speak to her when she's stronger., let her know our situation; maybe she will be willing to help us."

The handsome man with the soft voice says before the healer cuts him off.

"She wouldn't even know we've taken eggs from her; she wouldn't feel anything."


What the fuck, they want to take my eggs. I can hear the conversation, but everything is so woozy, and I'm so tired, too tired to answer back, too tired to keep my eyes open any longer.

I soon begin to slip into a deep sleep; the soft voice is the last thing I hear.

"No, You will not take her eggs without her permission, I will Speak to her when she wakes up when she is feeling better."

"Yes King Halturian, my apologies, I'm just hoping for the future."

"As am I Jalab.......As am I......"


Oh my God, my handsome Alien rescuer is a King, who wants my eggs.

I must be dreaming; this is all too weird to be real.

I let the darkness take me as the voices fade away.

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