Chapter six

Saving his people.

I'm woken up to a soft touch on my face. I slowly open my eyes and find the handsome man is sitting on a chair next to my bed, his hand softly stroking my cheek, as he says.

“I'm Sorry little female, I didn't mean to wake you.”

“You stayed,”

I whisper, looking into his blue eyes.

“Yes, I've been here all night. I didn't want you to wake up in a strange place all alone.”

He says with a smile.

“Oh, Thank you,” I reply. 

“Your welcome little female,”

He says with a smile.

 “Megan.... My name's Megan.”

I say.



He says my name as though he's testing it, then he smiles and looks down at me.

"It suits you, a beautiful name for a beautiful woman. How are you feeling Megan?”

He asks with a concerned look His his face.

 “I'm okay, ”

I reply as I look down at my leg,  all that remains is a large purple bruise.

“What happened, I thought I would lose my leg, how is this even possible?”

I ask confused.

The handsome man looks at me, as he says,

“Altundral is a whey advanced planet, our medicines and healing capabilities are more advanced than most.”

“What about Max?” I ask.

His face is grim as he says.

“The male who you were travelling with? I'm sorry, Megan, he was already gone when we arrived. I wish there were more we could do, was he your mate?”

Shaking my head, I say.

“No, I don't have a mate; he was a cadet from the space program.

”His eyes light up at my answer as I whisper.

“Thank you for saving me. What's your name?”

I ask?

He smiles at me as he answers, 

"I'm King Halturian of planet Altundral."

My mouth drops in shock.

“You're a king?” I ask. 

“Yes, Megan. I'm a king.”

He laughs at the shocked look on my face.

I whisper, looking down with a blush.

“I heard you talking with the healer,  why do you want my eggs, I mean you're a very handsome man, I'm sure the woman on your planet would appreciate being with you."

He looks at me with those piercing blue eyes as he asks

“Why do your cheeks turn red?”

Running his fingers along my cheeks, sending a wave of awareness down to my core

I look down as I mumble

“I don't know, it just happens."

 He smiles, his face lighting up,

You are very beautiful Megan, your pink skin is very exotic.”

“Oh”  is all I manage to reply. I have never felt more aware of a man than this. The attraction I feel for him is a little overwhelming.

He looks at me as he says.

“We have no females on planet Altundral. A disease killed all our females ten years ago.”

“Your Mother?”

I ask,

“Yes, my mother, my two sisters, my grandmother and many more.”

he replies.

I'm so sorry, King Halturian, That's so sad.” I say.

“Yes, If we cannot reproduce, then the Altundral's will become extinct.

” He replies with a sigh.

“Why me? Why my egg's.” I ask.

He smiles.

“It seems humans are very similar to Altundral's; our reproductive systems are the same.”

He says with a sigh.

“Did you make us crash on purpose?”  I ask.

“No, Megan, I would never risk a life. Our ships magnetic field pulled your little pod in.”

I can tell by the genuine look in his eyes, he is telling the truth.

“Am I your prisoner?”

I whisper as I look at him.

“No you may return to your ship, or your planet whenever you like, I would never keep a prisoner, and I would never take your eggs without your permission,”

He says with a genuine look on his face.

“If I was to agree, what would happen to me?”

I say.


 “We would need to take you to Altundral where our healers would make sure we are compatible. Then they would prepare your body to give your eggs a better chance of survival. Your eggs would then be removed and placed inside an artificial womb.”

Raising my eyebrows I ask.

"What would happen to me? Once you have the eggs?”

“Then it depends on what you would want to happen Megan.”

He smiles as he runs his hand down my cheek, causing me to shiver.

I reply as I look at the handsome king.

“I don't think I could leave my baby behind,”

I say thinking of a child growing up without a mother, thinking of my own life when my Mother passed away.

“Then don't, you would be treated like royalty. You could save Altundral and my people from extinction.”

He says with a smile.

“This is a lot to take in,” I whisper.

“I know it is beautiful. Take your time to think about it. Come to Altundral; It's a beautiful planet."

“What about my friends?”

I ask, thinking about Sasha.  I really don't know if I could leave Sasha behind. We've been through so much together.

“You can visit them whenever you like. You can speak to them whenever you like. We have holographic telecommunications.

” He says.

“Oh wow, . That's amazing."

I say, before I ask,

"can you send a message to someone on the space station?”

“Yes of, course Megan.”

His beautiful; face lights up when I say.

“I want you to tell Sasha Harrison. I've found another planet and another species. I will be going to planet Altundral to study the Altundral species, and I will be in touch soon. Please inform them of Max's death; his family has a right to know.”


“Of course, I will Megan and I will return his body to  the space station as soon as we can.”


“Thank you.”

I smile as I say,

"This doesn't mean anything King Halturian, I don't know if I can give you what you're asking for, but I'm willing to explore the opportunities. To explore your planet, Altundral.”

I look down, and the King of Altundral is kneeling at my feet.  He reaches out and takes my hand in his.

“I will forever be eternally grateful to you, Megan,”

He says as he looks up into my eyes. 

Oh my lord, to think I joined the space program to escape my father, to explore the universe and now I could be saving a planet from extinction. While falling for a handsome king, somebody needs to pinch me, as I must be dreaming surely this insanely handsome man can't be real.  Or Is he?

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