Chapter seven

 Planet Altundral.

That's how I find myself on the beautiful planet named Altundral. King Halturian brings the colossal space ship into Dock with an expert hand; he turns to look at me, with a smile on his face as he asks.

“Are you ready, Megan?”

"I think so."

I whisper quietly; still unsure if I've made the right decision, the butterflies in my stomach reminding me just how big a decision this is. King Halturian looks at me with understanding written across his handsome face, he gives my hand a light but reassuring squeeze as he says.

 “You'll be fine. I promise you, Megan. You can leave any time you like; you have my word.”

I take his hand in mine, as soon as our fingers touch, I feel the electricity sending a shiver down my spine, straight to my core.

The handsome King leads me to the door of the spaceship. The hatch rises, and the Altundral people are lining the walkway out of the ship and along the streets, I take a deep breath before I step outside King Halturian smiles down at me, his face lighting up as he sees his people.

“My people have been waiting a long time for this, Megan.” 

 Halturian whispers as he turns towards me gently taking my chin in his hand, he tilts my face towards him, and I whisper to him.

“What if I can't give you what you want Halturian?”

With a shaky breath. He strokes his fingers down my cheek as he says.

“Stop overthinking things, Megan. Enjoy my planet, my people, that's all I ask of you right now.”


I say as his touch causes me to shiver.   

Halturian gently leads me out of the spaceship keepings his arm around my waist as I lean into him, grateful for his support.

His people cheer as we walk past them, I quietly whisper to Halturian.

“Do they always cheer for you?"

He stops and turns to me, his eyes flashing with his amusement as he says,

"It's not me they're cheering Megan. It is you they are cheering.”

“Oh” is my shocked reply.

Altundral is a beautiful planet; I'm lost for words that people have turned up today to welcome me here. The King smiles as he says,

“Welcome to my home Megan.”

It's so beautiful  I feel like a princess living in a fantasy. I stop walking as the king guides up the streets lined with his people all eager to get a look at us; his beautiful palace comes into view, and it takes my breath away. My face lights up as I look at his fairytale home, Disney World has nothing on this place.

King Halturian's point of view.

Megan stops walking as she looks up at the Palace in front of us, her face lights up as she sees it, seeing her so happy gives me a warm feeling inside. I really hope I can convince her to stay on Altundral  I want her to stay and it's not just because of the breeding program, I really like this tiny little human.

As I lead her into the  Palace; she stops to look at everything she sees her eyes shining as she whispers.

“It's so beautiful.”

I smile looking down at the beautiful little human as I say.

“Thank you, Megan, please think of this as your home. I want you to be comfortable while you're here If there's anything you need just let me know,”

My brother, Prince Galen comes walking into the hallway, he smiles at us both as he says,

“Halturian, the servants, have laid a welcome feast in the Grand Hall,  I'm sure you're all hungry.”

“Thank you, brother.”

I say as I take Megan's hand and lead her into the Grand Hall. I love seeing her reaction as her face lights up every time she sees something new.


“Oh, wow!” she gasps when we step into the grand hall.

My servants have filled the vast room with tables ready for a grand feast to welcome our guest. The ceiling is lined with gold and chandeliers hanging from the high beams; I place my hand on Megan's back as I guide her to the head table. My people follow behind us, all of them filling the room in the hope of seeing the little human female. I stand up to address my people.

"People of Altundral, please welcome our guest Megan."

They all stand and clap as I nod my head to Megan, she looks unsure of what to say, I know she's probably feeling overwhelmed by now,   her cheeks turn red once again it's so adorable I cannot take my eyes off her as she stands and squeaks.

“Thank you for your warm welcome” 

I take her hand in mine as I shout out,

“Please eat”

I sense her relief as the attention turns away from her and my people enjoy the grand feast.

I look around the room, seeing the excitement on my people's faces,  Altundral is filled with hope, the hope of a future, can it be possible that one tiny little female saves our race.

Hope is all I have as I pray to the gods above.

Megan sits to my right, my brother Galen sits to my left beside him Jaleb my main healer sits, Jaleb leans across Galen so he can whisper to me.

“We shall take the female to the scanner after we eat.”

I feel my temper flare at his words, Megan has only just arrived on my Planet and hasn't agreed to anything just yet, I know he's a healer and a scientist and he's hopeful for the breeding to take place, but ever since he laid eyes on her he's been trying to push this onto her too quickly, I'm terrified he's going to scare her away.  

“No, she needs to rest. We will go to the scanner when she says she is ready, Understood?”

i say as I clench my fist I have no idea what's gotten into Jaleb. Lately, he looks at me as though im crazy as he replies,

“yes, King Halturian my apologies.”

Megan looks over to us, her eyes wide as she listens to the conversation. I take her hand in mine giving her a reassuring squeeze as I say, “Please do not worry Megan, this is your call, and we do this only if and when you are ready, I am in no rush. Jaleb is a medical man, and you are our miracle. I can only apologise for his behaviour; she smiles as she leans into me and quietly whispers, “I want to try Halturian. I really do.”

I look at her with tears in my eyes as I whisper back, “You have no idea how much this means to me. How much it means to my people my beautiful little human.”

It's then, I know. I want to be with her, I want her, I want to have beautiful pink skinned babies and not one's that are made in an artificial womb.

I want to claim this beautiful female as my mate.

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Yazmine Reynoso Martinez {Violet Flame of love }
this is s nice story very similar to a series of books I read by Renee rose one of my fsfiction romance novelist
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