Chapter eight

The celebrations

After we eat lunch, the crowd gathers to celebrate on the large terraces, music is playing,  and the public is dancing. The people of Altundral seem very happy.

I'm standing on the terrace looking down at the crowds of men when Halturian comes to stand next to me.  He looks down at me and smiles as he asks.

“Are you enjoying yourself, Megan?” I smile back at him, my head filled with questions as I ask.


“ What will happen if the eggs don't take?”  The King smiles as he answers “Nothing, at least we can say we tried. That's all I ask Megan. Stop worrying about what the future may bring and just enjoy today; my people have come to celebrate your arrival.”

“Okay,” I reply my voice filled with uncertainty, Halturian holds out his hand to me as he asks,

 “Dance with me?”

I look up into his beautiful blue eyes nodding my head as he takes my hand and leads me onto a large marble terrace. He glides me effortlessly across the marble patio. I relax into his arms, letting him take the lead.

“Where did you learn to dance?” I ask as he looks into my eyes. “As a future king, my mother insisted  I had dance lessons as a child.

The king looks down at me as I sigh relaxing into his arms with a strange feeling of comfort, how can I feel like this with a man I hardly know? Why does he make me feel so safe?

I rest my head on his chest as I listen to his heartbeat. The King lifts my chin, 


“Mmmmm” I murmur into his chest,  I feel so comfortable, so content, so safe in his strong arms.

“I really want to kiss you” he whispers as he looks at me.

I look up into his beautiful blue eyes, unable to find my voice. I nod my head as he smiles and brings his mouth to meet mine. Our lips meet with the gentlest of touch. Halturian gently slides his hands across my face and then rests one hand on my cheek, giving me butterflies. I open my mouth as he deepens the kiss. The air is static around us, and I forget about everyone else,  it's just the two of us in our own little bubble. He pulls me in against his body making me aware of every inch of him. I can feel how turned on he is.

I hear someone clearing their throat,  Halturian sighs as he reluctantly pulls away from me. I guess we both got carried away; I can feel myself blushing, Halturian giggles as he whispers softly to me

“You're so beautiful Megan. Especially when your cheeks turn pink.”


 Which makes me blush even more, and Halturian laughs out loud.

Were brought out of our trance as The King's brother Prince Galen steps forward.

 “Sorry to disturb your brother, I was worried you two were going to get carried away then.” He says with a chuckle.

King Halturian laughs completely unfazed as he whispers in my ear.   

“That was nothing like I had imagined my first kiss to be. That was Perfect, your perfect, Wow I can't wait to do that again” he laughs as I blush some more.


I look out at the people of Altundral. The terraces are starting to clear as the party dies down I've been introduced to so many Altundral's I'll never remember all their names Halturian has been the perfect host and has never left my side, Today has been perfect maybe I could get used to this, Halturian looks down at me as he says.

“Megan, my beautiful little female. You look tired.”

I smile up at Halturian, My handsome King as I reply “Yeah, It's been a long day.”

“It has certainly been eventful. How's the leg?” He asks with concern. 

“A little sore but I'm OK.” he takes my face in his hand, stroking my cheek as he says 

 “So brave my beautiful little female.. Come I will show you to your room, have the servants run a bath.”


“Mmmmm that does sound good.”

He holds his hand to me as he guides me inside before leading me up a staircase, I stop as I look at the bannisters etched in gold leading up to an archway, above us is a dome-shaped glass ceiling from which crystal chandeliers hang

“Wow” I feel like I've stepped into a fantasy

.The King laughs as I stop and look up in awe.

He leads me up the grand staircase along a corridor, before opening another door and leading me inside.

I gasp as I step into the fairytale bedroom, inside the massive room an ornate bed sits in the centre, covered in luxurious dark pink velvet, its four posters draped in delicate silk.

“This is beautiful” Halturian smiles before opening another door, “The bathrooms through here,” I step inside and look at the enormous sunken round bath with a sigh, sitting down on the side of the tub feeling my aching muscles.

Halturian turns to look at me as he says

“I'll get the servants to run you a bath.”


“I can run my own bath Halturian, “ I say a little too sharply before I whisper “I’m sorry  I'm not used to people waiting on me”.


He smiles in understanding

“I'm sorry I just want to spoil you, Megan.”

 “Believe me; I'm feeling very spoilt.”

My handsome king turns to look at before he says

 “ I guess this is where I say goodnight beautiful little female. Enjoy your bath and get some rest.”

Halturian turns to leave.

“King Halturian” I call out to him, “Yes, Megan?”

 I walk over to him  standing on my tiptoes as I bring my mouth to meet his. We kiss, Its gentle, it's sweet, and It's full of promises.

I reluctantly pull away from him and whisper.

“Goodnight my King.”

Halturian smiles at me before he leaves the room. The kind of smile that makes your heart do that little flip.

And I know I'm totally done for.....

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