The girl who tame Chaos
The girl who tame Chaos
Author: AXIS

Chapter 1 - First Day

Peace Ellis POV

Everything is in Chaos inside our house. Everyone is busy preparing and doing their jobs and it’s annoying me; I don’t like chaos. I don’t like panicking. I hate when people are too loud. I sigh Observing them from the second floor of our house while wearing my new school uniform.

I’m Peace Ellis and I was bored in a wealthy family that I always have someone to do things for me but sometimes being in a status like this is not good. I feel like if I leave just like any normal girl my life will not be too much chaos. My parents are loving parents, especially because I’m they’re only child because mommy had a complication while giving birth to me that she can’t bear a child anymore.

“Lady Peace the breakfast is ready.” My personal assistant that my Mom and Dad hired come to me.

“If you want me to come down tell them to stop the chaos, I will not go there if they will stay like that.” I said and did not even inch.

She nodded her head and came down stairs and whispered something to the ear of our head maid that made her look at me and her eyes widen and made the other maid follow here inside the kitchen. As everything calms down, I walk downstairs and sit waiting for my parents to come who are outside in the garden.

“Oh, our sweet heart is already here.” Mommy said and came to me and hugged me so my dad too.

“Mom, can’t we lessen our maid here? And even my guards? It’s too chaotic every morning and mom, dad you know that I don’t like chaos.” I said.

“Sweety they need work and about your guard they’re just three now, I will not stop worrying for you if we change the number of your guards again.” My mom said that made me sigh.

“But, mom I’m already 17 I can manage by myself and no one is going to harm me there at school.” I said trying to convince them.

“Sweety please just listen to us.” Mom said.

I just sigh and start eating not saying anything, I really don’t get their point doing this. I did not speak and just continued eating my breakfast until I finished and said bye to them to come to my new school for the first day.

I’m with two bodyguards inside the car and the other one Is on the other car behind us. I feel like I’m still an elementary student for having guards by my side and it is irritating, especially every time when I’m going out of the car everybody is looking at me while whispering to each other.

“Don’t drop me on the maid gate, drop me a little bit far away and don’t come out of the car.” I said to the guard driving.

“But Lady----”

 “You don’t need to come near me so much, be 10 meters away from me I don’t need too much protection I’m just at school.” I said. “just follow me If you don’t want to have a bigger problem.” They glance at each other and nod their head.

“Good.” I said and stayed silent again looking outside.

I like silence, I hate chaos, I hate parties, I like peace just like my name. I saw a girl walking wearing the same uniform as mine and I looked at the map that my driver is following. The school is still 20 mins away from here while using a car and if she will just walk, I bet she will be late.

“Slow down to that girl.” I said to my driver.

“Yes, Lady Peace.” He said and followed me.

“Hey.” I said as the window of my car rolled down.

“Y-yes?” She answered.

“Come in, if you walk up the school you will be late.” I said.


“Where in the same school, get inside already I don’t want to be late.” I said and rolled up the Cars window.

I saw her walk fast toward the car and other the other door of the car and get inside.

“Thank you.” She said to me, smiling.

“No problem, they will drop us 10 meters away from the gate. I don’t want too much attention.” I plainly said to her and she nor her head, I just bring back my attention looking outside

“Ahm…By the way, I’m Krishane Fuentes.” She introduces herself to me.

“Peace…Peace Ellis.” I said.

“You’re the Daughter of the well-known Business man right?” She asks.

“Y-yes.” I said and looked away.

“You just transferred right?” She asks again.

“Yes, why?” I said and frowned at her.

“As much as you can don’t be near to a guy name…” she stops and looks in front. “Chaos” She said, looking at a guy.

The guy is riding a Black big moto that I don’t know what Is it called, every girl that is in front of the gate started to give him away and some of them were squealing. The guy took off his helmet and got off his motor and looked at her at my car directly and started walking towards us.


“He is Chaos Spencer, a son of a well-known Business man just like you, and just like his name chaos is always following him.” Krishane said, still staring at the guy who stopped at the window near me and knocked.

“What is he doing?” I ask her.

“let me.” She answered and got out of the car and faced the guy named Chaos.

I can’t hear what they are talking about but the guy just smirks at Krishane and looks back at the car window with a dark aura.


“Drop me at the parking lot of the school.” I said and he started the car’s engine.

I saw Krishane nod her head while looking at my window. What’s with that guy? Why is he knocking at the window of my car? I don’t even know him.

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