Chapter 4 - Danger

Peace Ellis POV

“Can’t I just be home school again? Just like when I was in the first year of high school?” I said that made my parents stop talking while looking at a magazine.

“Sweet heart you’re already in 10th grade you can’t be home schooled forever, you need to make friends and socialize.” My mom answered.

“Why sweet heart is there something wrong?” Dad asks.

“It’s…” Chaos “It’s like I’m more comfortable if I will be home schooled, you know that I hate crowded places and chaotic places and school all have what I hate.” I said sigh.

“sweet heart facing trouble and chaos is part of a person’s life, there is no perfect life without those you need to experience in order for you to be strong, so you need to be used to it.” My dad said and smiled at me but I just sigh.

“But Dad, I don’t think I will be used to it.” I said in a low tone of voice.

“Maybe you don't know sweet hearts, but we know you will, that's why we send you to a normal school.” Mom said while caressing my back.

I did not say anything and just stayed silent, while they started to talk about the magazines they’re looking at again. I sigh and look outside the house, it’s peaceful just like the way I like it.

“I’ll go up stairs in my room, mom and dad.” I said and they nod and smile at me.

As I enter my room and reach my huge bed, I drop myself to it and stare at the ceiling for a while before pressing my eyes close. Do I really need to bare going to school and meeting that Chaos? But how?

I WOKE early to go to school early as I could so that I will not bump into that Chaos and to find this girl in the picture so my life will be back to normal. I sigh and look around while walking to the hallway and checking the rooms that are passing by to see the girl in the picture.

“Excuse me,” I said to the girl that was standing in the corridor. “I just want to ask, do you know this girl?” I ask her and show her the picture I’m holding.

The girl raises her eyebrow at me and looks at me from head to toe then clears her throat.

“Follow me.” She said and entered the room. “Hey, freak someone is finding you” She said to the girl that is sitting inside the dark room.

“T-thank you.” I said and she just smirked and walked out of the room.

I walk towards the girl but I stop when she suddenly looks up to me and glares at me that gives me goosebumps to my whole body, she stands and walks towards me while glaring at me. I started to step back until my back reached the wall behind me that made me stop.

“E-excuse me---” I said but she started to strangle my neck that made me gasp for air. “L—let me g-go” I said and tried to remove her hands.

“So, you’re the one he ordered to kill me.” She said while strangling me, I started to feel dizzy and out of breath. “Bad move because I will be the one to kill you first before---”

She did finish his words when someone suddenly throw a baseball ball on her head causing her to let go of me and collapse on the floor with blood on forehead.

“F*ck you Chaos!” She shouted looking at the door.

I want to move, my body doesn’t want to cooperate, I started to get caught and felt dizzy even more that I feel like the world is spinning around. I felt a hand care head as someone covered the light my eyes were seeing.

“Hang it there, I will just finish this really quick.” I heard Chaos' voice and I nodded my head.

I tried to look at him and see what he was going to do when darkness started to coat me and that’s the last thing I know before I fall unconsciously.

Lureta Demson POV

“F*ck you Chaos” I shouted at him but he just smirked at me and walked towards the girl that made me frown.

So, the evil Chaos is now becoming soft? Just wait until my brothers Organization knows about this, we will take you down and make it the way it should be.

“Does it hurt?” He asks standing in front of me.

“Do you want me to make you feel it? I can do that.” I said and laughed but he just grins at me.

“Should I be scared…Labret serf?” His smile disappeared as soon as he leveled me and grabbed my neck. “I don’t give a f*ck if you’re a woman, I can kill you right here, right now.”

I laugh so loud at his face; I know Chaos Spencer is called evil for a reason but I know that he can never kill me without any f*cking reason.

“I know you can but what is your organization's reason? Your bullsh*t ---”

“I can, and I have. I can f*cking kill you without any hesitation, just like how did you do it to Urilane” He said that made me stop and made my smile disappear. “You think I don’t know that you’re the one who kill her?”

I started to move back but he immediately grabbed my neck making me stop. I can feel my hands are shaking and that nervousness started to overcome me and form a tear in my eyes.

“Do you remember how you killed her? Because, I do.” He said in the scariest tone of voice that I could even hear.


“Do you remember when you cut her right arm? Do you remember her pleading to you? How did you put a rope around her neck while she’s losing a lot of blood? Do you still remember how you hung her from the rooftop of her own house?” he said and grabbed my neck harder so that I can’t barely speak and breath.

“C-chaos…I—I c-can’t” I said and tried to remove his grip on my neck.

“And dying and killing you this is easy is not what you deserve, I will make you suffer more than Urilane did.” He said and let go of me that made me collapse on the ground coughing and gasping for air. “See you in hell in a few minutes.”

He carried the girl out of the room and while I was left thinking that I’m already safe but a group of men started dragging me out of the room and bringing me to hell Chaos said.

I know my brother will make you pay for what you’re going to do to me Chaos, and the war is just starting just wait and see.

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