Trouble with the Devil
Trouble with the Devil
Author: Aera

Liam closed the door behind and walked closer, step by step, striking fear in the girl. Nora backed away, her body hitting against the icy wall. 

He stared at her, his deep, cello voice resounding in the room. “Nora Shahan, have you forgotten what I told you three years ago? Don’t provoke me. But time and time again you kept testing my patience.” 

He picked up her jaw harshly and continued. “Tell me, how should I punish you?” 

Nora met his eyes which was filled with a coldness making her hair stand on end.

This was the real Liam, cold and heartless.

She was foolish to think he had changed for better.

A pang of bitterness welled up in her heart and she closed her eyes, letting the memories from the past flood into her mind.


Three years ago, Liam had warned her to never appear in front of him and Nora had been well behaved, staying as far as away from him. Whenever he’d go north, she’d go south. Even when they were in the same class, she’d stay at the opposite end. But fate played a cruel joke on her when she got locked down at his place.

He thought it as one of her tricks to climb into his bed.

But she was certain she had fallen into an elaborate trap.

With his family using despicable means to destroy everyone around him, can Liam successfully get her out of that hell house?

How will Nora survive living under the same roof with the person who’s been nothing but a nightmare all her life while learning his darkest secrets that would entangle them together and bring their entire world crashing down with it?


There are certain things, situations and people to be evaded in life for our own well-being. If not, you will only be drawn further into the abyss. Nora knew he was bad news. That she needed to avoid him at all costs. But she also knew she couldn’t ignore his temptation that had a wild charm in it. A wildness that was irresistible and just like that, she found a safe heaven in his arms.

Growing up, Liam has already accepted the fact that his family did not love him.

That they only deemed him as a jinx.

And so, he lived his life detaching himself from the goodness of the world. He was a cold, ruthless devil who had nothing to lose or fear. That’s until a troublemaker came knocking into his life, dragging him out of the darkness he had build around himself. 

Who loved him and all his flaws.

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This is one of the best story I've read so far, but I can't seem to find any social media of you, so I can't show you how much I love your work

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