Dirty Little Games

Today, I want to indulge with my husband after our declaration. It has been a long time since I'm spoiled with him. Because every day is filled with fighting and crying. I also don't know when Gerald will return to Germany again. But, I wanted to follow him there.

"Gerald, when did you come home to Germany?" I was sitting leaning against the head of Gerald's wide bed. Gerald lay on my thighs, and I wrung his thick hair.

"With you?" he staring at me. 

"My passport is not certain. I haven't taken care of the visa either."

"It's done, take a photo. You also don't need another interview."

"So, when are the photos?" I kept stroking Gerald's thick hair, pulling it occasionally until he grimaced in pain.

"I'll be informed later."

"So long." my grumpy was annoyed. I cannot wait. I want to go abroad. Moreover, my beloved country, accompanied by my dear husband, everything feels complete now.

"Be patient."

"You were okay, first. When it's finished, I can follow it. You must miss a lot of colleges." although I'm happy that Gerald is here, I'm worried about Gerald's lecture. Later he missed a lot. Moreover, according to Gerald, the GPA in Germany is determined by the final exam. If the exam fails, then fail everything—I who just heard felt horror, like fear when facing the National Examination. There is a month before the exam; they have prepared everything carefully.

"Huh! You sure are excited to be free with that beast, right?"

Furiously I tugged at Gerald's hair. "Said again and I pulled your hair turn bald." I gritted my teeth.

"I don't like you being close to anyone. Especially that bastard. Geez, realize he's the real criminal. He does drugs, drinks, smokes, plays with girls too. He's dangerous."

"But he knows me well. He treat me  like princess."

"Just keep going!"

"I'm talking about reality. But when I stayed at David's, they were drinking."

Gerald immediately got up with reflex. "and you drink too?" He grabbed my shoulder, shaking it like people who are collecting debts.

"Ugh... Wicked your brain, if you think I did something like that." I pushed Gerald. He lay down again.

"Who knows. You are so easily affected, I don't want anything bad to happen to you." Gerald turns his face against mine. I could feel him, his warm breath blowing into my stomach. I love every little Gerald treats me, especially my baby. My baby wants to be pampered by her daddy.

"Like someone forgot something. I guess you always make my days bad." Quipped.

"I don't think so. For me, I give my best to you."

"It is said to be best. Did you forget, sir? All the bad days I've had because of your attitude towards me." I replied fiercely.

"How come I feel from earlier. Your language is the same, right, the same as that bastard. Already soulful, huh?"

"Gerald, your hair is long now. Don't take it for the next five minutes; your hair is already bald." I'm warning. That damn boy just chuckled, and His beautiful face is increasing. It makes me even more annoyed by him.

"But wait! Are you jealous?" Investigate me.

"Of course, I'm. I deserve to be jealous. You're my everything. Then, I found you with someone who I hated with all my heart."

"Ouch ... how to pity. I'm so sorry, Mr. Husband, I'll try my best to keep away from them."

"Promise me?" I nod quickly.

"With one condition."

"What's that?"

"I ... nothing." I want to tease him. I laugh out loud. Gerald hugged me, very tightly he pressed my stomach. What if the baby comes out?

"Are you going to kill your child? Gerald, don't press my stomach. The child is in pain." I shouted.

"You always piss me off." Gerald kissed my stomach. I was a move; it felt like my stomach was electrocuted. I was stung again. I just held Gerald's head to keep kissing me.

"I think I predicted, and this is this baby of three months, I think."

"Knowledgeably!" I brushed off Gerald's hand.

"That's my daughter, who said it himself. Heard, he said hi, daddy." Gerald put his ear against my stomach. I was moved; my tears fell. Although annoying, this handsome human always wins my heart above all else.

I stroked my stomach. "I can't wait, my baby was born."

Gerald looks up at me, and I smile at him. This man, very handsome, and I love him with all my heart.

"Gerald, I'm so sorry for betraying you. But believe in my heart, it's only you." Clear liquid started to flood my cheeks. I even had time to lick the salty taste flowing from my cheek. I feel useless, remembering I kissed David a few times. Huh. so meaningless.

"Hell yeah," argued Gerald. I just wanted to get serious and talk heart to heart, but Gerald's answer made me want to cut off his duodenum.

"Awh ..." I pulled Gerald's hair tight, and he grimaced in pain.

"You ugly husband! Pervert! Not romantic!" my tentacle is too annoyed.

"I said. I'm not a romantic partner--"

"You're a perverted partner." I cut quickly.

"That's the right, baby."

"Gerald, shall we cook?"

"Huh? What do you do, want to cook?" Gerald raised his head and stared at me.

"I want to learn; my child will be born later. I want to cook for our baby." I smiled broadly and had imagined that I would become a mommy. My daughter would be so proud.

"So just for your children? Not for husbands? More importantly, is your husband."

"For me, nothing major. You are all the purpose of my life now." I said, looking blankly. My little family, my everything.

"My wife is very wise. Hug me."

Gerald got up and hugged me. I hugged him tightly and smelled his scent. God, don't separate us anymore. This man is my everything. I love him very much. My happiness is him.


All right, I'm in the kitchen. With coercion, finally, Gerald wanted to accompany me in the kitchen. I wouldn't say I like it. The same thing happened to the stove on fire. A little traumatized when I remember the fire and still clearly recorded in my brain David who was naked in front of me.

"So what do you want to cook, Miss Chef?" asked Gerald.

"I'll be searching for first." I immediately grabbed the cellphone. There is no purpose for what to cook. My main goal is togetherness because, you know, the food I make must end up being thrown away.

"Huh! Where is there a chef who cooks using googling? They cook, using their recipe."

"Just shut up!"

Finally, I'm googling and looking for: simple cake cooking recipes.

After spending nearly an hour searching for the perfect recipe, my choice fell on Oreo strawberry chiffon cake.

My choice fell on the cake because there is a strawberry. Gerald is busy eating; he can get all the snacks. He climbed onto the stove, crouched down, unpacking whatever items he could put in his mouth.

Do you know the flour I used was flour a few months ago? When I lied to Gerald that it was my birthday, and it ended in scandal until now. Gerald and I remember being in the car and laughing along with our silliness and take the ingredients.

Reading the instructions on my screen, I shouted at Gerald to get all the ingredients out.

1. Beat the egg yolks and sugar briefly until the sugar dissolves. Enter the milk and oil, then beat again until evenly distributed. Then add the flour, baking powder, and strawberry essence. Stir well.

I mix all these ingredients. Just wait again evenly.

"Gerald, you shake this, huh."

"Just you, you usually shake mine." It's stifling to hear Gerald's perverted words. I looked at him. Half the flour left, with a single swing, it landed on Gerald's face and hair.

"Ha, haha." I laughed, seeing his face and Gerald's hair all white. His clothes are white too. Gerald came over to me. Suddenly he had spilled more flour on top of my head.

He laughed, saw me. I also laughed, seeing it. Gerald's blonde, brown hair, no longer visible. All in white. But the funniest part, seeing her all-white lashes. I get closer to him and blow the flour from his lashes. The flour got into Gerald's eyes. I'm laughing again. What a cooking experience I will never forget. We are like little kids.

Gerald washed his face. I saw that his eyes were turning red. I can't bear to see it. I hugged him, "Gerald, I'm sorry. Your eyes are turning red. But after this, you will cook my first meal." Gerald tosses my hair to clean the floor in my hair.

"No! You've made me suffer this. Pay first," said Gerald unacceptably.


"Give me a blowjob first."  His answer is so relaxed and sinless.

"It's okay, after that. just like baking flour." I said, smiling slyly.

"No. Here, seriously."

"Okay, here." I want to tease him. Gerald draws closer to me. I see the glint in his eager eyes.

I knelt and took off his pants and boxer Gerald at once. And his **** the thing that has been tensing up all this time.

"To be fair. You shake the ingredients. I shake yours." I bid, and Gerald, nods excitedly.

"But, Gerald wrote the ingredients first."

He vigorously shuffled the ingredients for the cake. What I focused on was Gerald's, who had been pinched hard and swung too. I want to laugh, see that. Geez, very funny. I wanted to laugh out loud but was afraid Gerald would be angry. How absurd we are, and do indecent acts while cooking. Perhaps Gerald was so excited that he wanted to enjoy the dough. The dough was evenly mixed and soft in pink.

"Rara's turn," I said. Gerald was silent. Let me execute his. With the dough earlier, I took it in a handful. And spread the pink dough to Gerald's. I wanted to laugh, but I held back because I wanted to tease him. For what reason, Gerald's mighty possession had turned pink rangers, so adorable.

"Arh .... Fuck! This is so good babe, cold," muttered Gerald, closing his eyes. I retook the dough until thick. And I saw that Gerald's was utterly covered, his turned pink and very thick. Gerald's has been completely closed. I should have taken a photo, because this is very cute, and also adorable. And can become a weapon to mock Gerald.

"This is already the main dough. Do you want to bake or fry it?"

"Hurry, Rara, this feels heavy," said Gerald pitifully. I giggled with amusement. Feel it! Who ordered, his brain continues to pervert.

Because the dough was thick, it was not difficult to let go of the dry dough. After I let go of everything I held Gerald's, it felt cold. I pressed it against my cheek—a mix of hard and cold. And grab a few moments. And without sin, I put on Gerald's boxer and pants again.

"What?" He shouted in frustration because I didn't give him a blowjob.

Not paying attention to the frustrated Gerald, I continued with the second ingredient. The important thing is that the first ingredient has been successfully shaken. Hihi, it feels so good. I managed to work on Gerald.

4. Enter the crushed Oreos, mix well, and do not take too long.

I took the Oreos to crush. I snatched Gerald, the oreo.


He was deliberate, lifting it high. I'm jumping up and down and can't reach because Gerald is too tall.

"Come here or not?" I've already taken a swing, want to kick it.

Gerald put the oreo in his mouth. Dan opened while taking one piece, put a little into his mouth, and teasing me about getting closer to him. I want to take the Oreo in his mouth.

"Use your mouth too."


I stood on tiptoe to take it using my mouth too. When my lips reached Gerald's mouth, he quickly chewed the oreo, and it broke. Gerald teased me back. 

"Take it in my mouth." I opened my mouth, Gerald transferred the oreo that had been crushed in my mouth.

"Don't swallow it, spill it on the dough," Gerald ordered.

I glared at him. "Eww... disguisting!"

"We also eat. You are also used to taste my saliva." I'm trying so that the Oreos stay dry in the mouth. Because it would be disgusting to get my saliva on, even though only the two of us are eating, I still feel disgusted.

I spilled the Oreo on.

In the trash, I'm not that crazy about eating my saliva. Very disgusting, of course.

I quickly grabbed the oreo again from Gerald's hand and crushed it with mine.

My hair is still white with flour.

I put the dough in the pan and put it in the oven, and it's ready to bake.

While waiting, I cleared up the mess we made earlier. And I felt something cold against my chest. Gerald spilled the remaining strawberry milk on my chest.

He opened my shirt, and I saw my bra partially wet in the open of my bra and naked, the upper part of my body. With his hands, Gerald cupped my breasts and spilled the milk again. The milk did not come down to my stomach. Because Gerald was holding back with his hands, After spilling, he drinks the milk from my breasts. Think of it as my breast milk. He wants to tease me too. Gerald still sucks my breasts, squeezing them occasionally. I held myself back, don't let my guard down, and sighed. I can't be complacent.

I wanted to prank Gerald, and I saw what ingredients I could use. My gaze was immediately look on the egg and secretly taking the egg because Gerald focused on my breast. Gerald tilted his head left and right, sometimes maneuvering to devour all of my breasts.


I broke the egg on his head. And unfortunately, it's a rotten egg. I immediately wanted to vomit to smell that pungent aroma.

"Fuck!" Shouted Gerald.

I ran out of the kitchen, and I just realized that I was naked. 


They're insane. Lol. 

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