Rara and Her Shortcoming Overthinking

Gerald's girlfriend.

How am I missing something here? I glance a kill for Gerald to confirm this.

“I'm sorry, Ale. Rara is my wife.” Gerald tried to calm down from the already heated state. This can't be tolerated. How could this bastard, this jerk play on my back? Plus, this miserable girl confidently admits she is Gerald's girlfriend.

“Wife? Really? Are you fucking kidding me again?” shrieked the blonde.

“Yeah, I just want you to introduce my beautiful woman in the world.”

“Bullshit!” I scream and throw remote to Gerald. The remote hit Gerald in the face, and he caught the remote, before everything started.

“I'm sorry, Ale. Wait me here.”

Gerald, follows me to the bedroom. Tears reach my cheek. It's warm. It's so hurt. Why does Gerald always hurt me? Can't it, it suppresses my ego and makes my heart flower for a second? This jerk and all his egos. Fuck you all!

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