I cried all night. And when I woke up, I found my eyes were very swollen. I can't possibly meet Oma with looks like this. I'm the laziest when I'm not in the mood and get asked many things. I definitely won't answer, and make others shorcoming, and think of me as ugly.

I also don't want to wallow in sadness.

And now, it's 10 o'clock. Shit! I always woke up late.

Forced to get up, I crept into the kitchen. I will compress my eyes. I saw that there were already various foods on the dining table. The orange juice is tempting to drink. But my eyes had to be compressed to reduce the puffiness. I didn't want my Oma to catch me crying all night. And Gerald left, not coming back.

Past the dining table, I headed for the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. I will compress my eyes using ice cubes.

"Good morning." Oh shit! It was Oma.

"Good morning Oma." I answered but didn't dare turn aro

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