Choose For The Good

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Gerald's Pov

I am ready, and my hands are itching to kill people. It is not irrelevant.

Rara immediately knew my attitude.

She stroked my hand, even though I was clenching mine as hard as possible. My opponent might faint at all times.

"Gerald, don't." said Rara. Seeing my woman begging with puppy eyes and pleading, I gave up my mind. Even though my emotions are already on the crown, and I'm ready to go to prison right now.

"Oh, this kid made Rara a mess. And now she shamelessly comes as if there is no sin." Said the madman with songong. I don't remember and don't know his name. But what I remember he had felt my punch.

It felt like I wanted to run over there and kick his evil mouth.

I've been rushing. Rara pulled my hand.

My breath is already one by one, so holding back emotions.

"Actually, what else do you want to come here for?" Asked that damn uncle calmly, but very harsh sarcasm.<

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