The Unloved Luna Queen
The Unloved Luna Queen
Author: Midnight Shines


I made my way inside the ballroom where the coronation was taking place. I didn't want to be a part of the ceremony because it would really hurt to see the one you have loved for so long take someone else as his partner. I wanted to be in that place but I knew that I was not the one he loved, he could never love me even if I was his mate because he found the one he loves. I am dreading to be a part of the ceremony and I have no choice but to attend it.

Today is my 18th birthday and I am supposed to find my mate today. But, here I am attending the coronation of the one person I have been crushing on since I was a kid. To top it all Dylan is away for his Alpha training and I miss him terribly. He is the only one I can call family because my parents don't care about me. I don't remember a birthday where they wished me "Happy Birthday" and still, I have to be the one attending the ceremony today on behalf of the Alpha because next in line Alpha, my brother Dylan is away for training. I wish I was allowed to attend the training with Dylan. I really miss him at least he would have been with me if I went for the training, but unfortunately, I am not allowed to be a part of the Alpha training even after being an Alpha female, all thanks to my parents.

I shook my head trying to get rid of all these thoughts and attend the ceremony I am here for. Maybe I can be lucky and find my mate as there are a lot of packs attending the coronation ceremony today. I mean a girl can dream right? On the other hand, it is good that I am not going to be alone at the ceremony because I will be able to spend time with my best friend Lavender. I mean if Dylan was here today then I would have definitely been alone because I am sure that Dylan and Lavender are mates which means they would have ditched me to spend time with each other. They have been crushing on each other for as long as I can remember. The thought made me smile at least someone will be able to be with the one they love.

Come on Darcy don't be like that, you will also find love once you meet your mate. I told myself and I really wish that my mate will love me. Maybe my birthday can really be a Happy Birthday if I find my mate. I smiled at the thought and entered the ballroom trying to find my best friend. However, as soon as I entered the ballroom a delicious scent hit my nostrils with full force making my mind go hazy. I didn't know what I was doing, but my legs were automatically working on their own accord, following the scent going deeper in the ballroom. I know the scent, I have smelled it before but I can't seem to identify whose smell it was. I know that this scent is the scent of my mate and my heart filled with hope, happiness and excitement.

Hope to be loved, happiness to be with my soul-mate and excitement to be able to live the dream of having a mate. I have always been fascinated with the idea of a mate and I have been desperately waiting to experience the mate bond, to love and to be loved by the one made for me. I entered deep into the ballroom and my eyes met with the dark blue eyes they looked as deep as the ocean drowning me in their depths that I knew all too well but still felt as if I am looking in them for the first time.

His eyes boring in me as if looking at my soul right through me. His eyes darkened at my sight and held so many emotions that I didn't know what to do. His eyes showed happiness, joy, care and maybe love? I never knew that I would ever be able to see love in those eyes for me but, at this moment they showed so much love and adoration for me that it made my heart burst with happiness. I don't know if it's just the mate bond or if he actually loved me but I am happy that I was able to see love for myself in his eyes even if that was only for a moment. His short dark black hair looked soft and smooth, I resisted the urge to run my fingers through them. His straight thin lips looked soft and red and I wanted nothing more than to run to him, throwing myself in his arms and kissing them.

I couldn't believe that I was able to see so many emotions for me in his eyes and my wolf was going crazy screaming 'Mate, Mate, Mate' and 'Go to mate' and my own emotions coming to surface as the feelings that I held for him since so long started coming out. My eyes filled with hope, love, care and happiness as tears threatened to slip out of my eyes. I couldn't believe the one that I love for so long was my mate all along.

I willed myself to move towards him but I was broken out of my haze as I saw him move his arm that was curled around my friend to remove her from his hold. I couldn't stop the hurt I felt from showing in my eyes as a tear slipped down my eyes, and I took a step back but that earned me a growl from him and I was immediately slammed to a wall. Sparks erupted as soon as we made contact and I whimpered at the impact.

"Mate" I whispered as tears continued to fall from my eyes

"Mine" He growled and his growl vibrated through the entire ballroom as he staked his claim on me

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Frances Bandy
Do you read what you write before you send it out? You repeat yourself
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Bella Jersey
Wow her best friend’s boyfriend is her mate
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Hafsha Adulum
What is going through the head of Darcy’s crush? Why did he behave that way?

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