Characters Introduction

Main Characters:

Darcy Eris Campbell (Wolf’s name: Cleva) Daughter of the Alpha from Crescent Moon Pack.

Darcy is everything a wolf would want in a mate. She is beautiful, kind, smart, loving and caring. She loves her brother the most in the world and her best friend Lavi is the only other person who cares for her. She is an Alpha female who is ignored by her parents because they consider her weak. Her wolf is black in colour and the size of her wolf is as large and as strong as Alpha male which is rare for Alpha females. However, her wolf soul doesn't see eye to eye with her which hurts her very much. She only dreams of meeting her mate and hopes that he loves her.

She is 5'11" tall which is taller than a normal she-wolf with a beautiful body, she is thin with the right amount of curves in the right place and a fair skin complexion. She has long dark wavy brown hair that reaches her lower back. She has a round face with big violet-coloured eyes and plump lips. Her smile can light the entire world.

Stephen Alder Scott (Wolf’s name: Zeff) Next in line Beta and Patrina's brother

Stephen is the next in line Beta of the Royal Midnight pack. He is Colton and Dylan's friend and Patrina's brother. He is a tall, handsome man with the body of a Greek God. He has she-wolves throwing themselves at his feet begging for his attention, but he has eyes for only one she-wolf. He has been in love with Darcy since he turned eighteen, he always knew that she wasn't his mate. Everyone wondered why he would want someone other than his mate. It was the only thing he has kept hidden from the world. The truth that he could never have his mate and the reason behind it was only known to him.

He is 6'3" tall with a built body, his hard chest and 6 pack abs were enough to drive anyone crazy. He has a straight face with emerald green eyes that could drown anyone in their depths and dark brown hair with straight thin lips. His wolf was a black wolf with white flecks and larger than any Alpha wolf he has ever known in size. His wolf's colour and size has always been a mystery to him.

Colton Flynn Lawson (Wolf’s name: Alex) Next inline Alpha King from Midnight Moon Pack.

Colton is the next in line Alpha King. He is tall, rich, handsome and everything a she-wolf could want in a mate. He has loved his Beta's daughter Patrina since he was a kid and believes she is the one for him. He only believes what she says and never bothers to see if she is saying the truth. He is the typical rich guy who is loved by his parents and is spoiled rotten, he is very rude and arrogant in nature as well. He always hoped to be Patrina's mate but unfortunately she is not his mate. So, he decided he will not look for his mate and take Patrina as his chosen queen.

He is 6'5'' tall and has a body built with muscles and 8 pack abs. He has a straight face with short jet black hair. His wolf is midnight black in colour and his wolf is very large in size. Being the next Alpha King he is the strongest and largest wolf amongst all the Alpha wolves. He has dark blue eyes as deep as an ocean and thin straight lips.

Supporting Casts:

Dylan Eric Campbell (Wolf’s name: Clive) Next inline Alpha of Crescent Moon Pack and Darcy's twin brother.

Dylan is the next inline Alpha and Darcy's elder twin brother. He is also Colton's best friend. He is rich, tall and handsome, he is strong, loving and caring in nature. He wishes to find his mate and never looks at any other she-wolf. He believes in the mate bond and wishes to find his true mate, saving himself for her. He loves and cares for his twin sister the most in the world.

He is 6'3" tall, he has a built muscular body with short light brown hair and light brown eyes. He has a round chiseled face with thin lips. He is one of the strongest Alpha wolves, his strength can be matched with only the Alpha King. His wolf is light brown in colour and is bigger than an average Alpha wolf in size.

Lavender Clara Lawson (Wolf's name: Alexis) Daughter of the Alpha King and Colton's younger sister.

Lavender is the daughter of the Alpha King. She is Colton's sister, and Darcy's best friend. She is sweet, kind with a caring personality. She is just as simple as Darcy is, and her beauty is the simplicity she carries even after being the Alpha King's daughter. She wishes to meet her mate and fall in love with him. However, she is attracted to Dylan from her childhood and wishes to be his mate.

She is 5'9" tall with an hourglass body. She has an oval shaped face with thin plump lips. She has long strawberry blonde hair that reaches her lower back. She has dark brown eyes with long lashes. She has a fair complexion and a perfect combination of beauty and brains. She has a beautiful smile and that can make anyone's day. Her wolf is as large as an Alpha wolf and is dark brown in colour.

Patrina Sherie Scott (Wolf's name: Selene) Daughter of Beta from Midnight Moon Pack and Colton's girlfriend. She is also Darcy's friend.

Patrina is the daughter of the Beta from Midnight Moon pack and has grown up with the Alpha King's children. She has been friends with Darcy and Lavender since childhood. However, she is a spoiled rich kid, who thinks she can own the world. She is very proud of her beauty but is jealous of her friends. She has a pretentious personality, she pretends to act as a sweet, shy, innocent girl to seek the attention she wants. She has made everyone believe she is a good girl and dreams of becoming Colton's queen.

She has a thin skinny body and is 5'5" tall. Her wolf doesn't want to be pretentious and wants to find her mate. However, she doesn't want anything to do with her mate. She has deep green eyes and short golden coloured hair. She has a long face with straight thin lips.

Davis Lawson (Current Alpha King of Midnight Moon pack. He is Colton's and Lavender's father)

Lisa Lawson (Current Luna Queen of Midnight Moon pack. She Colton's and Lavender's mother)

Jared Campbell (Current Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack. He is Dylan's and Darcy’s father)

Aria Campbell (Current Luna of the Crescent Moon pack. She is Dylan's and Darcy's mother)

John Philip Scott (Beta of Midnight Moon, Patrina and Stephen's father)

Any more characters will be introduced as the story progresses.

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