Chapter 5


As soon as we entered the school, we had people looking at us because we are the popular kids of the school. Although, we are not famous because we have good grades or we study hard, we are only popular because we are the Alpha's children and we belong to two of the strongest packs.

There are people who want to be a part of our group but we don't want anyone else and we are happy to have each other. The best part is not being bothered by the school bitches who tend to bully people who can't fight for themselves. We have made it a mission to help the bullied people and we have been doing great so far.

We walked down the main hallway towards the locker room. We have our lockers beside each other and we also have all of our classes together except for Patrina, she only has lunch with us. We put our stuff inside our lockers, then pulled out my books for the first period, which is history. Once we had everything we needed we made our way to the class when suddenly we were stopped
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goodnovel comment avatar
did you just really exsplain them changing their close for gym??? alls you had to say is they headed to the locker room to change and that her brother didn't like how short the shorts were... maybe we could afford the book if it wasn't filled with over exsplinations... K.I.S.S....
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Look likes Lavi and Dylan are mates
goodnovel comment avatar
Annmarie Gleeson
way way way too expensive

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