Chapter 6


I drove back to the packhouse thinking about the events that occurred today. From Lavender getting angry at Patrina first, and then at me because I didn't take her side. Then to my father announcing he will move out of the packhouse with mom and Lavender.

All of this is because they don't like Patrina and it's not like they only have a problem with Patrina, they have an issue with her father too. I remember Dad saying that he would have never let John become his Beta if he could but he had to take him as his second in command because he was the only next in-line to be Beta, and he didn't have another wolf as strong as John to be replaced as a royal Beta.

I tried to understand the reason behind my parents hating the Beta family so much but came up with nothing. I heard that even the Beta's mate hated him but she decided to give him a chance and died giving birth to Patrina. I never heard anyone in the Beta family talking about the late female Beta and I find it strange for s
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Omomen Ujuanbi
please who knows what happened to a book called "million dollar missus"
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Bella Jersey
Talk about hard love we all make choices
goodnovel comment avatar
Wow, this boy is blind... he doesn’t even trust his blood relations or his Wolf, who obviously have his best interest at heart.

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