Chapter 9


We reached the packhouse after a fifteen minute drive all the while Patrina was sitting quietly with a red face and to be honest I am getting angry with each passing second but I didn't want to hurt her because she was already upset about her brother getting his heart broken but he had that coming. It was clear that Darcy wasn't interested in him and no one has ever seen her with another man except Dylan.

I remember Dylan telling me that his sister hates being the Alpha's daughter because that brings her unnecessary attention and to be honest she is really beautiful too. She is as delicate as a flower, she is soft spoken, kind, loving and caring yet she was firm when she spoke to Stephen.

Her intentions were clear that she didn't want to lead him on when she couldn't give him what he deserved or expected from a relationship with her and that made me impressed at how thoughtful she was.

She might be soft and kind but she was still firm when it was required. She has everyth
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Katrina Martin
This is going to drag out and I’m over every ones prospective
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The prelude was the most exciting part so far, too much looking back perspectives without progressing the story.
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Great read! How often do you update?

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