Chapter 95


Three weeks have passed since Stephen and I fully mated, it has made our bond grew stronger than before. True to his words he didn't let him leave the room for an entire day, it's not like he left me after if there was a way to find out if a woman can get pregnant immediately after having sex then he would have checked after every attempt he made. It was not like I didn't want to have a baby, but the way Stephen was at it made me laugh a little.

I know for male wolves it's a little difficult to control their wolves, they feel threatened unless they leave their mate pregnant with their pup. He wanted to go to the pack doctor to get me checked, but I wanted to wait until after a get any symptoms because it would break my heart if I go get checked only to find out I wasn't pregnant. Thinking about pups always stings my heart painfully, I love Dane, I really do and I would love our new pups the same, but the one I lost wil

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